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Google locking down OEM customization with Android Wear, TV and Auto

Android Wear

It seems like Google’s recently announced products such as Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto will not go easy on the manufacturers as it will reportedly not allow OEM customization. While it was already known that Android Wear OEMs will have to adhere with Google’s UI policies, the fact that Android TV and Android Auto will not allow manufacturers to add their own UI has come by surprise to many, although not completely unexpected.

This will allow Google to make upgrades easier across devices without needing to rely on OEMs to send out updates for a particular device. Google had this to say – “The device manufacturers can brand it, and they might have services that they want to include with it, but otherwise it should be the same.”

This is an excellent move from a user perspective as they don’t have to wait long intervals for an update. Google clearly wants to keep things uniform across its services and while it’s not possible with Android smartphones and tablets anymore, the company can control this with new services.

Source: Ars Technica

Via: Cult of Android

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