Google Glass’ first destination outside North America could be the UK

Google Glass' first destination outside North America could be the UK

As cool and drool-worthy as Google Glass is, it has remained extremely exclusive to the general consumer, either because of it closed testing program or due to its high asking price. For those outside the US, Glass is not available at all, making it a device that people can only dream of having in their hands (well, or on their heads) but without any option to buy one. However, for UK residents, that might not be the case for too long. 

The folks over at Android Police have discovered that Glass was temporarily listed on the Play Store in the UK, which indicates that Google might be looking at making the wearable headset available outside its home country soon, after making an announcement at I/O next week. The Play Store listing – which is no longer available – didn’t reveal what price Glass would have in the UK, but it likely won’t be as costly as it is now, even if it might not be that affordable immediately after making its non-US debut.

Anyone looking forward to seeing Glass become available outside North America?

Via: Android Police | Source: Google Play Support

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