Google Docs, Sheets and Slides can now be deleted directly within the editor

Google Docs

Google has just updated the Docs, Sheets and Slides app with the ability to delete files directly within the editor. It’s a small feature, but an important one nonetheless, as you don’t have to go all the way to the homepage to delete the desired documents.

In its current form, deleting a a spreadsheet or document requires users to head over to Google Drive and then manually selecting the file(s) they want to delete. This is similar to how messages are deleted on Gmail, with the only difference being the lack of an archive option.

It’s not known if the mobile version of the three productivity apps will get the feature anytime soon, but we think it will considering that most of the editing is done on the go using dedicated apps on mobile platforms. But for the time being, this feature seems to be web only.

With the reliance on cloud services increasing, features like these make the users’ lives a tad easier. As we mentioned above, this isn’t one of those extravagant updates, but useful all the same.

Google Sheets - Update

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Via: 9to5Google