Google could show off Android L tomorrow with launch slated for late 2014

Sundar Pichai

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, the head of Google’s Android and Chrome division, Sundar Pichai has suggested that the company is looking to show off the next major version of Android at tomorrow’s I/O event in San Francisco. Pichai said – “I want the world to understand what we are doing sooner,” suggesting an approach similar to Apple which shows off its next major mobile release in June followed by an official launch in Fall with dedicated hardware in tow. This seems like a good ploy from Google as it would put an end to the endless cycle of rumors for months together.

This will also give developers more time to play around with the new OS to get their apps in order before the commercial release. However, knowing the ever active Android development community, we won’t be surprised if ROMs are leaked long before the official release. Regardless of those challenges, Google will greatly benefit from this new system.

Earlier today we saw a screenshot from what seemed like Android L, which looks more likely now with this revelation coming from the man himself. Google might also be looking to discuss a new Android TV and obviously the future of Android Wear during tomorrow’s keynote address.

Source: Businessweek