Google brings Android to your car with Android Auto

Android Auto

Not wanting to be left behind after Apple announced CarPlay, Google now has its very own Android based in-car system called Android Auto which comes with all the core Android apps you will need. Understandably, this is based on Google Now for voice support and users can launch a variety of apps without having to take their eyes off the road. This includes Google Play Music controls, Maps, messages and practically anything that third party app developers can come up with.

Given that it’s Android based, it’s more open towards developers and we can possibly see it being launched with third party car audio systems much like Apple’s CarPlay. But Google hasn’t shared details on that yet but has claimed that cars featuring support for this system will start rolling out early next year. The company has already struck deals with major manufacturers with the Open Automotive Alliance, so Google has been leading up to its release for quite some time now.

Android Auto relies on the user’s smartphone for speed and performance. So in rough terms, the faster your smartphone is, the better Android Auto will perform. We will get to hear more about this in-car system in the coming months. What’s your take on this new announcement? Would you be interested in an Android based in-car system?

Via: The Verge