How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems and Errors [Part 14]


Fifteen problems and questions were addressed in this post. Some issues are minor while others are complicated so take time to read through this page. If you’ve emailed us before asking how to solve your problems with the Galaxy Note 2, I may have already answered them. If you can’t find your problems here, please browse the first thirteen segments of this series. Don’t worry because as long as we have readers who email us about their concerns, we will always provide solutions or recommendations.

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#1. Galaxy Note 2 gallery layout changed

Q: I recently got a replacement Samsung note 2 phone and since getting it only yesterday I’ve encountered 2 minor problems, firstly gallery has automatically changed it’s layout and now I can’t choose to set images as wallpaper or lock screen wallpaper. The other problem is the screen when moving it with my finger slows and doesn’t have as fast movement as my other Note 2’s did.

A: Are you sure you’re using the stock Gallery app. The new update may have brought some changes to its interface but I’m sure there’s nothing much of a change, just some improvements here and there. To set a wallpaper, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Touch and hold in an open area on the Home screen.
  2. Tap Set Wallpaper, and choose which area you want to change the wallpaper.
  3. Select Gallery.
  4. Choose a photo and edit it if you like.

About the other problem you have, I think it’s just a matter of adjusting the touch sensitivity level.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Choose Settings and then General.
  3. Scroll down and choose touch sensitivity.
  4. Touch and drag the slider left or right to adjust sensitivity level.
  5. Tap the Touch Here button to evaluate your setting.
  6. Tap Done if you’re satisfied with the result, otherwise, continue adjusting.

I hope this helps.

#2. Galaxy Note 2 reboots automatically

Q: My Galaxy Note 2 turned off automatically so I had a soft reset but after it now turning off problem is resolved but now it restarts automatically. I only install WhatsApp, true caller, chess, utorrent, tubemate, appsaver, aldiko, adobe air, clean master. Please give me a solution asap.

A: I don’t know what solution you expect of us when the information you provided is lacking. There are thousands of reasons why the phone randomly reboots or shuts down. The culprit could one of the apps you mentioned, one of the pre-installed apps, the Android system itself is faulty, the battery was damaged, etc.

Here’s what I want you to do to narrow down the problem:

  1. Boot the phone to safe mode.
  2. While in safe mode open third-party apps one by one to see if the phone reboots.
  3. If you opened an app and the phone reboots, there is a big possibility that’s the app that’s causing the problem. You can either disable or uninstall it.
  4. If the phone won’t reboot even after you ran all third-party apps in Safe Mode, then it’s neither third-party or pre-installed apps that cause the problem. At this point, shift your suspicion to hardware. It could be a battery problem or an issue with the USB charging port.
  5. However, if the phone reboots in Safe Mode even without running any of the third-party apps, then you need to perform factory reset after you backed up everything in your phone.

I hope this helps.

#3. Galaxy Note 2 4.4 KitKat update

Q: Just to let you know how I stumbled across your information. I was on Google news and hit I believe was the craigslist tab and various topics came up. The Note 2 info caught my eye. Great information. Thank the heavens that I have only had a few of the issues that were listed. The dialing on its own while being on a call has been one, but not for every call.

My main question for you is in re: to the 4.4 update? is this something that I have to install?

I don’t want to encounter any new problems with this update if it isn’t needed? Thanks again for your help.

A: Good thing you found us. We may have addressed more than a hundred Galaxy Note 2 problems already but they’re something minor. So far, I haven’t encountered problems with the Note 2 that couldn’t be fixed. To answer your question, yes, Android 4.4 KitKat update needs to be downloaded and installed to your phone, although you have an option not to. There is always a possibility that you will get a bad update, for example, the download and installation processes were interrupted. In this case, you cannot expect the phone to function properly; among the most common effects are sluggishness, poor performance, crashing of apps, etc. So, it’s your call if you update your phone or not.

#4. Galaxy Note 2 won’t turn on

Q: Hi there, been reading your page hoping to find a solution for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as it won’t turn on as it only displays the name and model of phone, now the battery is completely drained and it won’t charge so how do I resolve this issues cause am really becoming desperate. — Ray

A: If you can get a new battery to see if the device would power on, that would be great. But what I’m seeing here are two possibilities; it could be a battery problem or there’s an issue with the phone’s USB charging port. Either way, having the phone checked by an authorized technician would provide you more information what the problem really is.

#5. Galaxy Note 2 screen doesn’t display anything

Q: My friend tried to repair my cracked screen and took off the screen under the top screen too. So now I cant see any thing on my screen. People can call me but nothing show up on my screen so I guess it was like the sensor screen. Can I fix that or throw away the phone? — Lisa

A: Please have your friend double-check if the display panel is securely mounted to the motherboard. Provided that the display panel used to replace the older unit is the same or is compatible, this is just a connection issue.

#6. Galaxy Note 2 drains battery fast

Q: For the first year or so the battery would last for a whole day. Then it started to drain very fast and would only last for less than half of a day. I didn’t change anything. I figured that the battery needed to be replaced so I put in a new OEM battery and I still have the problem. Verizon told me that I have too many apps running so I uninstalled many of them but that didn’t help. Any ideas?

A: Try booting the phone to Safe Mode and see if there’s a difference in its battery drain pace. If there is, then the apps and services are to blame why the phone eats so much power. However, if there is no difference, then it could be the firmware or the OS itself that has some issues or the USB charging port needs to be replaced. But either way, it’s still worth it to perform factory reset after you backed all your data.

#7. Galaxy Note 2 WhatsApp issue

Q: Dear The Droid Guy, thank you for taking the time to read this email. My problem is as follows: Every time someone sends me a voice note on whatsapp I only hear screeching and distorted voices. If it’s a problem in my Note 2 I’d appreciate any help if it’s a whatsapp related problem then I’d like to know. Thanks!

A: Never encountered this kind of problem but I know that the screeching sound often results from an audio file not properly downloaded. Media files are basically being downloaded to the phone to be played. Perhaps, the problem is with the WhatsApp application not properly downloading those files. But try to clear cache and data and then uninstall and re-install the app and see if that solves it. Email us back if the problem persists so we could continue finding solution.

#8. Galaxy Note 2 MMS shows grey picture

Q: Hello, sometimes I will get a picture text and all that comes through is a Grey square with an orange explanation point in it. Also sometimes when typing the first letter of each word is capitalized. When this happens I have to delete the whole text or email and start over. Please help me with these issues. Thank you very much, Emily.

A: It has something to do with the MMS settings, Emily. Make sure you set the MMS priority setting to Normal. As for the other problem, clearing the cache (just the cache) of the Messaging app would fix it.

#9. Galaxy Note 2 music player problem

Q: Hi. I’m using note 2 since 3 months I was facing a problem in music player when I am listing the songs it stopped sometimes for 2 3 seconds or the sound quality become harsh but it only happens for few seconds I cant understand the actual problem please help me with it.

A: Download and install a different music player from the Play Store. Play any or the track you’re having problems with and see if it still happens in another music player. If it does, then there could be an issue with the track itself. Delete and copy a fresh track from your computer or download from the internet. If the problem doesn’t happen in other players, you need to clear both the cache and data of the stock Music player. But be warned that you will lose all your playlist but not your songs.

#10. Galaxy Note 2 update availability

Q: I have purchased my Samsung Note 2 phone from Oman and using in India. Model is GT N7100XXDLK7 THR. It is still on android 4.1.2. When ever try to update I am getting message ” Latest updates already have been installed”   Will I get update in OTA or need to root this phone for getting update. Please advice. — Manoj

A: Please call your service provider and ask about the availability of the recent update. Or, you can try to use KIES and download updates from there.

#11. Galaxy Note 2 Bluetooth issue

Q: Hi, you asked for questions… so I have one that has turned into an ICS pet peeve and I have not found a solution for it yet! For some reason, since the last ICS update, Someone screwed up the ability to start/stop and rewind/forward music or podcast or anything audible etc. using the controls a Bluetooth Headset.   I have searched extensively for a fix.. and while I find a lot of people complaining about the problem, no one as come up with a workable fix.    In the good ‘ol’ days you could answer a phone call, pause and unpause something playing .. advance or rewind to the next tune ..etc. but no more.   I have seen Android dev’s all but admit the current code in ICS is broken.. but they do not seem to indicate any effort soon to fix it. I am still waiting for the KITKat update but there are no guarantees it will be fixed there.. I haven’t found anything indicating that.   Have you heard anything? — Jeff

A: No, never heard of “anything” about Bluetooth in Note 2 and if there were some patch to fix the issues. But based on our readers’ emails, the Jelly Bean update seemed to have a stable BT and since you’re still on ICS, I think it’s time you update the phone. There is, of course, no guarantee that the problems you have will be fixed but it’s worth the risk and effort.

#12. Galaxy Note 2 NFC issue

Q: Hi, I have a Galaxy Note 2 and its battery already deteriorated giving me a few hours a day now. So I bought a new battery, the one with higher mAh if you get what I mean. I get the battery life I was hoping for but the NFC isn’t working now. Is the problem related to the battery?

A: Could be. Try removing the battery and find and indication that says it’s NFC-capable. If you can’t find any, then the battery doesn’t support NFC. If there is and the NFC still won’t function, I think the manufacturer just faked it. I’m pretty sure when you place the old battery back, the NFC will work again. So, to answer your question, yes it is related to the battery.

#13. Galaxy Note 2 KK update availability

Q1: Hi there, I have a galaxy note2 running JB 4.3, just wanted to know when would the 4.4.2 update would be available for the UAE Galaxy note 2 devices. My current firmware version is N7100XXUENA3.

Q2: Kitkat 4.4 is available for Note 2 GT-N7100. When I check for updates it says the latest updates has already been installed. What can i do to update my mobile?

A: Android 4.4 KitKat has already been rolled out last month so I’m pretty sure services providers and carriers all over the world will follow suit soon. Try calling your service provider and ask for it, or you can try using KIES to pull down the update.

#14. Galaxy Note 2 charging issue

Q: Hey, I read about your solution to the question about slow charging and cord becoming hot. Is it the same solution even if the cord doesn’t become hot but the charging is slow?

A: Yes, it should be the same. I actually provide general solutions to problems and we often guide you on how to troubleshoot to know what the problem really is. So, please follow the same procedures.

#15. Galaxy Note 2 problems after update

Q: Hi, I am in Mumbai, India. My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 received an update to 4.4.2 from my service provider and it was installed as per the instructions two days ago. it reads following:

  • Android Version: 4.4.2
  • Baseband Version: N7100DDUFND1
  • Kernel Version: 3.0.31-1280411 [email protected] # 1 Wed Apr 9 02:47:01 KST 2014
  • Build Number: KOT49H.N7100XXUFND3
  • SE For Android Status: Enforcing SEPF_GT-N7100_4.4.2_0011 Wed Apr 09 03:00:11 2014

It had been updated to 4.3 few months ago and the update was smooth. Everything went fine and system started – however, I have run in to following problems since the update took place:

  • Blank screen – after camera / gallery application use – just takes a lot of time to come to home screen
  • Battery drains out too fast – even after setting the mode to Power Saving – including the Auto Adjust for the Display – say in half the time for the same normal operations.

Also, I have observed that my phone randomly gets too hot while being used and the battery drains too fast at those times. Checked the battery by removing from the device to see if there is any damage / swelling – did not find any changes. Your suggestions and help would be highly appreciated. — Dr. Chaitanya

A: More often, these problems happen after an update, especially major ones, because data of the previous Android version are still in the phone’s memory. Somehow, the phone may still be using them, thus, creating a conflict. This is one of the causes why apps eat up RAM and more than they usually do. To address this, you need to wipe the cache partition by booting to the Recovery Mode:

  1. Turn your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 OFF.
  2. Press and hold the VOLUME UP and HOME buttons while pressing the POWER button. This will put your device into factory reboot menu but don’t worry, you will be lose any of your data.
  3. Navigate through the options using Volume buttons and choose “wipe cache partition” and press Menu button to confirm.
  4. Once the cache partition is emptied, you need to choose “Reboot System Now.”

If wiping of cache partition won’t fix the problems, backup your data and perform factory reset.

#16: Galaxy Note 2 KK update in India

Q: Hi, Note 2 update to kitkat is reportedly available in my country – India and is also said to be approximately 400mb in size. However when I try to download it shows as a 700mb file. I wonder if it’s really the kit kat version or the 4.3 jelly bean version that I skipped updating to from the stock 4.1 that my phone is currently running on. Also can I really upgrade to kitkat from 4.1 jb without having to update to 4.3? Pls reply and help. — Manu

A: The size of the update varies depending on the number of bloatwares your service provider added to the original update. If it’s official update from your service provider, then there’s nothing to worry about. Also, you might want to call your service provider about it just to be sure.

#16. Galaxy Note 2 keeps shutting down

Q: Hi can you please help me my Samsung Note 2 keeps turning off but the little blue notification light stays on but the phone goes off and have to keep taking the battery out and putting it back then it comes back on. Please help. Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks. — Bert

A: Try removing the battery while the phone is on. While the battery is out, press and hold the Power button for a minute; that should be enough to discharge stored electricity in capacitors. Replace the battery and then turn the phone on. If the problem still persists, boot the safe mode and observe if the problem still happens. If not, then a third-party app must be the cause of the problem, however, if it’s still there, you have to perform factory reset.

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12 Replies to “How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems and Errors [Part 14]”

  1. My samsung note2 is not charging when in fact i already bought a new battery but everytime i charge it , it doesn’t show the light indicator that proves it is charging please help please help me what to do thanks

  2. Hi,

    My Samsung note 2 was bought ever since it came out years back. The past month, my note 2 just turned off overnite & in the morning when I noticed, of course i tried turning it on again……but the only display it showed was the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 screen & nothing else! I tried taking out the battery & turning it on again. That didn’t work & i even tried holding the 3 buttons at the same time that would bring me to the reset menu. Tried resetting my phone & restarting again. That still didn’t work. Need your kind advice!

  3. Hello, I have a strange problem with my Samsung Note 2. I am not sure whether this problem is common, but this is exactly how it sounds like:

    1. At first the phone works fine, everything looks normal

    2. Later the phone went blackout without noticing it (whether sudden blackout or battery went low)

    3. I tried to turn it on, but failed. I thought because the battery were depleted, so i charged it with its charger. Once i plug the charger in, there is no spinning image on the screen nor red lights on the corner of the phone (which what it normally do when charging). Did this for the whole night but still failed to see it charging and cant switch it on.

    4. So i googled the problem and did this for troubleshooting:
    a. Took my brother’s Samsung Note 3 battery and put it in my SGN2 (the size is different but still can do the work), Switch my SGN2 on and it works like normal. So i diagnose my SGN2 have problem with its micro-usb charging port. It cost me few dollars and fix it myself.
    b. After fixing the new Micro-Usb, i thought the phone will work fine as usual. Unfortunately, its the same thing, the phone still failed to charge and cant switch it on.

    5. At wit, this is what i did to reassure the problem of my SGN2:
    a. Borrowed my brother’s SGN3 battery and put it in my SGN2. I switch it on and again it works like normal. Played with the apps, setting, every keys, keyboard etc and seems fine. While using the samsung note 3 battery, i plugged in the charger chord and the beep sounds appear and i can see from the icon that my the battery is charging. SO THIS MEAN THAT MY MICRO USB CHARGING PORT, MY PHONE SYSTEM ARE NOT FAULTY.
    b. This time i took my SGN2 battery and put it in my brothers SGN3 phone (size does not fit, but still do the work) and try to switch it on. My brother SGN3 (with my SGN2 battery) turn on and work like NORMAL and shows that the battery still have 70%! Then i plugged in the charging chord and the beep sound appears, led flashes like it normally does when we charge them.

    6. I Swap the battery again to its original set, and tried to switch on my SGN2, hoping for miracle that it will switch on. Yet, still a disappointment..

    7. This is my conclusion after all the troubleshooting.
    a. My phone works and NO FAULTY
    b. My battery works and NO FAULTY
    c. But when my phone use my own battery IT WON’T WORK

    8. Now my last resort is to buy a new battery set, but would like to share my experience to the professional first. Who know you guys have solutions for this strange problem of mine.

    Thanks and Regards

  4. hi sir.. my samsung galaxy note 2 pone is not switching on.. when iam putting to on mode its only showing samsung galaxy note the on mode.. its not showing any other automatically off nd on problem
    kindly please try to help me boss

  5. Hallo,

    My note 2 is just not turning on after power shut down, any suggestion? please on highest priority.

    Thanks aton in advance!

  6. When i try to switch on my note 2 it shows samsung page n then turns off automatically n i m not able to switch it on plzz help

  7. Recently there is an update but still with version 4.4.2 My gear was good now. No more disconnecting.

  8. I (and many more people) have the same problem: with 4.3 my Note 2 with my Gear (1st version, modded with nULL rom) worked like a charm: with a 4.4.2 rom (stock, dr. ketan or DN3) bt didn’t work correctly and disconnected from 1,5 meters of distance. No fix on web (I’m looking for almost a month), so the only solution was to go back at the 4.3. Very, very sad.

  9. How to solved a bluetooth problem that keeps disconnecting from a galaxy gear pair with note 2 (4.4.2 version). I heard that there is a lot of issue with note 2 when pairing with bluetooth device always gets disconnected even though it is in my pocket.

  10. i just rebooted my Note 2 and when it went to turn back on it stays stuck on the samsung galaxy note 2 turn on screen. What do i do?

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