How To Fix Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems [Part 19]

We are finally in the 19th part of this series on the common Samsung Galaxy S4 problems and how to fix them. With more emails coming in each day from our readers who own this device it appears that this is going to be a long-running series. In this part we will be discussing ten problems sent by some of our readers which they are experiencing right now.

If you own the Samsung Galaxy S4 and are experiencing an issue with it feel free to email us at so we may be able to assist you. Due to the huge volume of mail we receive we may not be able to respond on time but rest assured we read each and every one of them.

You can also check out the previous 18 parts in this series to see if the issue you are experiencing with your device has already been answered.

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Galaxy S4 Unable To Identify Wi-Fi

Problem: Hi Droid Guy! I’ve been going to incredibly great lengths to get my wifi working on my phone, but absolutely nothing is working. I’ve done the simple stuff like resetting the router, turning the phone off and on, as well as manually entering the SSID and password. Absolutely nothing works — the phone cannot even FIND the wifi, yet my laptop is connected it. I’ve also tried doing virtual routers (did not detect these) and even resorted to a usb tunnel and doing reverse tethering — STILL it cannot connect. Yet what confuses me the most is that the phone is discovering wifi addresses, yet none of them are mine, and they are all secured, or else I would just leech someone else’s wifi….. Please please let me know!

Solution: When you mentioned that your phone can actually detect the Wi-Fi of your neighbors but not your own home Wi-Fi connection then there is a big chance that there is an issue with the settings of the router. What you could do is see if there are any available firmware updates for your router and do the necessary upgrade. Take note of the settings of your router then perform a factory reset. After the reset enter your settings and see if your S4 can detect the router and connect to it.

This issue appears to be affecting D-Link routers however it is also being reported by users using other router brands. Let us know if this solution worked.

Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi Does Not Work

Problem:Hi, I have just bought the above phone and the first day I got it the wifi was working fine. I ran the battery out as advised for the batteries longevity and left it to charge over night before switching it on again. Now I cannot get the wifi to work and in the notification bar the wifi symbol is lit up with a dull green light. I have googled the issue and gone through all the suggested trouble shooting procedures bar flashing the phone as I do not want to void the warranty. When I factory reset the phone, the wifi works again on setup but as soon as it restores to the home screen the wifi stops working again. I guess this suggests it is not a hardware issue? Do you know of a solution to this? It is very frustrating!

Solution: Since you mentioned that you already performed a factory reset then this eliminates any third-party apps that may be causing the issue. Have you tried doing a battery pull on the device and see if the issue still occurs? There are two ways of doing this

  • Turn off your phone, remove the battery, wait 5 seconds, return the battery, turn on phone

Check if the Wi-Fi issue still occurs, if it still does do the following

  • With your phone still on pull out the battery, wait 5 seconds then place back the battery, turn on phone.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue then this may already be a hardware concern in which case the device needs to be checked at an authorized service center.

Galaxy S4 SIM Card Removed Error

Problem: My wife and I both have galaxy s4’s and are having a similar issue. Before and after updating to 4.4.2, factory resets and new SIM cards, we are still receiving the message in the included screenshot amd then the phone immediately followed by a restart of the phone. This happens randomly both in amount of times it happens and when it occurs. Sometimes it will happen 5, 6, 10 times in a day and then it may not occur again for days…

Solution: There are various reasons why this issue is happening. First it could be faulty SIM cards. The SIM contact may be dirty, in which case it just needs to be cleaned with a soft cloth.

It could also mean that the SIM card does not fit well in its holder allowing it room for movement which causes the “SIM card removed error”. In this case the SIM card needs to be replaced.

Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S4 Snapchat Problem

Problem: Hi. I have a problem with the app for Snapchat. I can take a picture with no caption and send the picture no problem, but if I put a caption on the picture it will not let me send or click to change the seconds for the picture or write it! Currently I take the picture and hand write it and its troublesome at times. My phone is the AT&T S4 the Android version is 4.4.2 I did the re-install log out everything. Is this the phones problem or the app itself? Some of my other friends have this problem but not all. Please e-mail back for anything I can do to fix this. Thank you for taking your time and reading this message.

Solution: This seems to be a problem affecting specific devices. It’s a compatibility issue with the Snapchat app itself that hopefully the developers will be able to resolve in the next update. Just to be sure try to clear the cache of the Snapchat app and see if the problem still occurs.

Galaxy S4 Touch Only Works After Hitting Power Then Home

Problem: Hello, The other day, I moved my phone widget back to the short cut bottom portion of home screen by holding it n dragging. The phone did a mini blink type thing, like it was readjusting screen to fit the icon on the bottom and then my touch screen become unresponsive, except I could repeatedly do the unlock code 15 or so times and jt would unlock but that was it. I removed battery and that didnt work. So, I cleared all cache with hard setting keys. Didnt work. Decided to backed everything up via usb on computer and did a hard reset. Didnt work. Removed sd card and tried again. Didnt work. Fully charged it with oem charger and tried again, nothing. I intalled skies 3 and no update screen popped up when I plugged in usb. Wasnt able to do anything for updates.

This is when I went into the computer side of phone after hooking up usb and went into every single folder and deleted all the cache that were there (assuming stock cache because it was in the android, maps, gallery, and another folder, cant remember). Then I could hit the first next on set up for factory reset, then nothing again. Nothing popped back up in any of the folders (thinking it would send a cache or code to some folder). So, I did factory reset again n erased all things in folders again. After multiple trials n errors, I could hit the power button to get black screen, the hit home key and hit next to get to next screen. New screen non responsive, so power button, home screen thrn next….and so on for each screen. wouldnt let me type in our wifi password so skipped that screen. Finally got to main screen, and was able to open the weather, but froze. Did power, home, again, but now I cant access anything again, because my one move after home button is to swipe to unlock.

Phone has not been dropped, always in case, no screen protector sheet. No liquid, etc. Im pretty careful with my phone. Seemed to happen after I moved the green n white phone icon from my 2nd home screen page (moved it their about 2 months ago) back to the shortcut 1st home screen bottom section where I only had contacts, msg, chrome, app.

Any advise? Should I install a different operating system to see if it helps? I saw that option when I was googling issues.

Solution: It looks like you’ve covered all the bases on the software side of your device. When you did a factory reset in recovery mode is the screen still unresponsive? If so then it could already be a hardware issue and in which case the device must be sent out for repair. If your phone is still under warranty then I wouldn’t advise you on installing a new operating system on it since this will void its warranty.

Galaxy S4 Freezes

Problem: I’ve only had my Galaxy S4 for about 9 months, and the other night it froze and the screen wouldn’t turn on, but the phone was still on because the notification light was still blinking. I eventually had to take the battery out and ever since my phone has stopped doing the little animations it doesn’t when opening or closing an app or when I turn the phone sideways. It still turns but instead of a smooth turn like in normally does it just appears sideways suddenly. I’m wondering why this is happening and if there is a fix for it. Please help, I love my S4 and I can’t have it going bad on me already

Solution: There are various reasons that may cause this issue. Try to follow the solutions provided below and see if it helps improve your phone performance

If the microSD card causes the problem try to remove it

  • From the home screen, tap the Menu key.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Scroll to and tap Storage.
  • Scroll to and tap Unmount SD card.
  • Tap OK.
  • Remove the SD card.

Perform a soft reset on the device to refresh it (this does NOT erase your data)

  • Turn your phone off.
  • Remove the battery. After 30 seconds, reinsert the battery.
  • Turn your phone back on.

Clear the application cache

  • Clear the application cache on your applications to free up space and improve performance.
  • Be sure you clear only the application cache and not the application data.
  • When you clear the application data, it removes your personal settings and info such as login information and high scores.
  • Clearing the application cache doesn’t remove your personal settings or information.
  • From the home screen, tap Apps.
  • Scroll to and tap Settings.
  • Tap More.
  • Tap Application manager.
  • Swipe left to view the All tab.
  • Scroll to and tap an application.
  • Tap Clear cache.

Try to close or uninstall applications that you rarely use.

Galaxy S4 Notification Not Arriving

Problem: Just recently I have not been able to receive calls or texts even though my phone was on and I had great service. Not until I power my phone off and turn it back on will I be bombarded with texts and emails. What’s going on and how do I fix this issue.

Solution: Basically the problem here is that notifications such as calls, text messages, and emails don’t arrive even if the phone has great signal coverage. Assuming that this isn’t a network problem then we could proceed to isolate the device itself. First, we need to make sure if the issue isn’t caused by any third party applications. Unfortunately the only way to do this is to do a factory reset of your device which deletes your important data. This means you will have to backup all your data first before performing the procedure.

  • With the device turned off, press and hold the Volume Up key.
  • While holding down the Volume Up key, press and hold the Home key.
  • While holding both the Volume Up key and the Home keys, press and hold the Power key.
  • Release all three keys when the Recovery Booting message is displayed in the top left corner and the Galaxy S4 logo appears.
  • Press the Volume Down key to scroll to wipe data/factory reset.
  • With wipe data/factory reset highlighted, press the Power key.
  • Press the Volume Down key to scroll to Yes –delete all user data, and then press the Power key.
  • Once the wipe is complete, press the Power key to select reboot system now.
  • The master reset is now complete. The device will restart.

Your notifications should arrive normally after this.

Galaxy S4 Gets Too Hot

Problem: A couple of times I have picked up my phone and it is hot to touch! Yesterday it had 76% battery life when I set it down, picked it up after about 30 minutes and it was hot,  and in the red on battery! I turned it off and removed the battery for awhile, recharged, and seems fine! Any ideas on what happened? Ive had about a year.

Solution: A phone that gets too hot even when not used is likely caused by a process that is running in the background. You could check your battery stats in the settings and see what’s eating up most of the power. Try turning it off. If that does not work then try restoring your device to factory settings (procedure listed on top) however make sure to back up your data first.

Galaxy S4 Texting Issues

Problem: Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with an issue that really bugs me with my S4 but that I’ve also encountered with other Samsungs before and that is that I can’t get the actual time that a text was sent if my phone is off. For example, if I turn my phone off for the night and then turn it back on at 9 am but someone sent me a message at 7 am the time of the message shows as the time that I turned my phone back on. In this case 9 am. I’ve tried looking at the details of the message but I still get the same time. I’m wondering if this could be a phone issue because I didn’t have that problem with my Nexus or could it simply be a matter of what Android version I use. My current version is 4.4.2. Thanks a lot

Solution: This is a problem experienced by most Android users that seems simple at first but is actually quite complex. First we need to understand how an SMS is sent.

SMS sent from network

  • When someone sends you an SMS the network sends you a  PDU (protocol data unit) packet containing the SMS message. This PDU has a timestamp filed which is filled up by the SMSC server of the SMS sender. Most of the time the timestamp value is the time when the message was received by the SMSC server from the sender. Most mobile providers around the world however inset a wrong value in the timestamp.

What Happens when SMS arrives in Android

  • When the SMS gets received by an Android device it gets stored in a system wide database where it can be accessed by any SMS app. Google however has implemented rules in the way SMS are handled and they that decided that the timestamp from the provider might not be reliable and that the SMS stored in the database only has an entry for one timestamp and that is the time when the device received the SMA.

The arrival of Android 4 added another field for the timestamp which now included the time that the message was actually sent by the sender. However, since the Android world is fragmented not a lot of manufacturers seem to have implemented this.

You mentioned that your Nexus device displays the correct timestamp which is normal since it gets the latest updates. The stock SMS app of a device should also be getting the correct timestamp.

If you are using a third-party SMS app try switching to the default SMA app of your phone or you could also try using Hangouts.

Galaxy S4 Missing Widgets

Problem: I have a Galaxy S4 and after the KitKat update I lost most of my widgets (from home screen and app drawer). Initially I thought it was because of the update and was cool with it until I looked on my brothers Galaxy S4, updated to KitKat, and he has widgets that I am missing. They are mostly third-party widgets.

Solution: A lot of people have been experiencing this issue right after they upgraded their phone to KitKat. One of the solutions that have works is to simply reboot the device. Once it turns back on youer widgets should now appear.


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