Fingerprint scanning could make its way to Samsung’s smartwatches as well

Fingerprint Scanner - Samsung

Samsung showed off its fingerprint scanner with the Galaxy S5 a couple of months ago. While its implementation wasn’t exactly the best in the market, it is certainly one of the highlights of the device. And now, a new report out of Korea suggests that this technology could soon make its way to the Samsung’s smartwatches as well. This revelation was personally made by the CEO of Synaptics which produces the fingerprint scanners for the Galaxy S5.

However, he has merely mentioned that fingerprint scanning will be launched with a future smartwatch and hasn’t specified the manufacturer. But since the company supplies the sensors for the Galaxy S5, it’s only logical to assume that he’s talking about a potential Samsung smartwatch.

The Gear 3 is expected to be launched in September alongside the Galaxy Note 4, so maybe this could be the company’s first smartwatch to support the feature. The Gear 2 already has the heart rate monitor located on the back and a home button on the front, so implementing a fingerprint scanner underneath should be possible. However, given the size of the smartwatch, Samsung might encounter some challenges before going forward with this.

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Source: Korea Herald

Via: Pocketnow