Civilization Revolution 2 making its way to Android in the coming weeks

Civilization Revolution 2

2K Games has announced the arrival of the popular 4X game, Civilization Revolution 2 on iOS and Android respectively. Unlike the predecessor (which remained an iOS exclusive), this game has been built specifically for mobile platforms and includes a few new character additions as well.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement:

The game will combine the core tactical elements of the series with intuitive controls and a friendly user interface – designed specifically for mobile gamers on touch-pad devices. Civilization fans will also recognize the 16 historical leaders found in the first game, including Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Napoleon, alongside leaders such as Churchill and Kennedy, who are making their appearance in the series for the first time.

The game will hit iOS devices first on the 2nd of July with the Play Store following shortly after, although no specific date was mentioned. Playing Civilization Revolution 2 on your smartphone might prove to be cumbersome, as a strategy game like this usually consumes a lot of the screen space. But we’re sure the developers have kept that in mind while developing the game from the ground up for two mobile platforms.

The game has a wide following among 4X lovers, but will that convert into app sales? Only time will tell.

Via: 9to5Google