AT&T LG G2 finally getting the Knock Code feature


The AT&T version of the LG G2 is now receiving an update which might not look like much at first glance, but is perhaps the most substantial update the device has seen since Android 4.4.2. Bringing along the Knock Code feature from the G Pro 2 and the LG G3, the smartphone can now be locked and unlocked using a series of taps or knocks on the screen in addition to the currently available double tap to wake function known as Knock On back when the G2 was announced.

AT&T has revealed that the LG G Flex running on its networks is also eligible for this update, which is very good news for the customers. The Knock Code feature was rolled out not too long ago for global versions of the LG G2, but it’s understandable that the AT&T variant had to wait until today to get it.

Features like Knock Code is a nifty way to keep your device secure as you can set up a lock pattern which only you can memorize. Users will have to set up a backup pin in case they forget the knock pattern, which is a good system in place.

Via: Android Central