AT&T increases activation fee for new devices by $4

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AT&T has reportedly upped the activation fees for adding a new line by $4, which brings the total cost to $40. This is considerably higher than rival carriers like Verizon and Sprint, but AT&T is citing “administrative and other costs” for this increase in price. Luckily, the activation fee only applies to 2-year contract agreements, which means you can get a new smartphone or tablet through the AT&T Next plan and evade these fees entirely.

Verizon charges $35 for a new device activation, while Sprint charges $36 which was on par with AT&T until the sudden price increase by the carrier which came into effect since June 8. Obviously AT&T didn’t feel the need to make a public announcement about this as it would only irk the customers.

With this new revelation, the carrier’s 2-year agreement plan might start to look less attractive for potential customers.

Will you be affected by this bump in activation fees? Drop a line below and let us know.

Source: Fierce Wireless

Via: Android Guys

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