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Angry Birds Epic landing on the Play Store this Thursday

Angry Birds Epic

Rovio’s much hyped Angry Birds Epic will finally make its way to popular app hubs this Thursday according to the developers. This game has been available in Australia, New Zealand and Canada for quite a while, so this won’t come as much of a surprise for fans in these three countries. Angry Birds Epic is a shift from the traditional bird slinging action that ensues in almost every Angry Birds game we know. So keeping that in mind, this is quite a massive installment in the franchise.

Since it’s a turn based role playing game, the backdrop and the setting will be different and users will see characters fighting with swords, magic spells and pretty much every mythical object you can think of. It will be based on Rovio’s widely successful freemium model, which essentially means that the game will be free to download but players will be forced into making in-app purchases for continuity. I’m not sure fans will mind this all that much.

Angry Birds has been getting a little stale of late and we’ve seen Rovio trying to spice it up a little bit with installments like Stella being teased. Angry Birds Epic certainly has the potential to be successful given that it’s based on a tried and tested formula. So mark your calendars for the 12th of June and wait for the app to appear on the Google Play Store.

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