Android L Keyboard Available To All Through Google Play Port


Yesterday we told you about a method to install the new Google Keyboard from Android L onto your devices. Unfortunately, that method required rooting your device and installing a custom recovery before you could install the APK. Now a new, much easier method has surfaced.


A developer by the name of Shen Ye has packaged the Android L keyboard into a simple download from the Play Store. So if you’re on Android 4.0 or newer, you can install it like any other keyboard.

As you can see, it works on my device, which is the Google Play Edition HTC One (the 2013 model). My device is still on KitKat 4.4.4 and it will not get Android L until it’s officially out. So as long as you’re on Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or newer, go ahead and download it.

Source: Google Play via Pocketnow

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  1. really? you (the developer) have to access my identity, contacts, calendar and all of my files and photos in order to use your app? no thanks

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