Amazon to unveil its new 3D smartphone on the 18th of June

Amazon phone

We all know that Amazon is expected to release a new smartphone sometime soon. Leaks over the past couple of months have given us a brief idea as to what to expect from this device. And today, the online retailer has sort of confirmed the arrival of this smartphone by announcing an event for the 18th of June in Seattle. Amazon customers can register to be invited for the launch event by signing up at the page here.

The teaser video shows off what we’ve been hearing about in several leaks over the past few weeks although no device is shown. Users are seen to be impressed by the 3D gestures of the smartphone which possibly tracks the user head movement as we have been told by past leaks. We’re not sure as to how exactly this feature will work, but it’s clear that there will be multiple cameras on the front to do the job.

We’re sure Amazon has some software tricks up its sleeve to accommodate for the hardware. Apart from this, the handset is believed to be packing a 4.7 inch 720p display, a Snapdragon chipset of unknown make and a 13-megapixel camera on the back as well. We expect the smartphone to be running on the latest iteration of Android but with a heavy UI layering on top as Amazon devices don’t have Google accreditation. There’s only under two weeks left for the big reveal and we’re hoping it will live up to the expectations.

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