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Amazon Appstore making its way to BlackBerry devices

Amazon Appstore

We all know that BlackBerry is headed towards its demise pretty rapidly, despite the launch of several midrange handsets over the course of the past couple of years. In the meanwhile, we have heard rumors of the company bringing Android apps to the BlackBerry 10 platform in order to increase the number of apps available to the users. Today these rumors have finally come to fruition as the company has officially signed a deal with Amazon to bring the Amazon Appstore to BlackBerry 10 devices.

This essentially means that Android applications that you see on Amazon’s app hub will make its way to BlackBerry 10 devices in the coming days. So if you have a friend or a relative on the fence about getting a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, this should make the decision a whole lot easier.

BlackBerry will work closely with Amazon to integrate the Appstore to BB10, and it might take some time to perfect the process. The company had hoped that developers would port apps from the Play Store to the BlackBerry World app store, but that hasn’t exactly taken off as they had expected. This new deal with Amazon will not require developers to individually port apps as the entire library will be made available on BB10 devices by Fall this year.

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