Allwinner Launches Power-Efficient A33 Quad-Core Chip For Tablets

Allwinner, A leading mobile processor manufacturer based in China, announced its latest A33 chip based on four Cortex A7 CPUs and a Mali400MP2 GPU. It’s designed to be power efficient and is meant to be used by Android devices. It also has the same pin configuration as the dual-core A23 chip of the company thus speeding up the time a product hits the market.

One of the main concerns of consumers today when they decide on purchasing a tablet is how long its battery is going to last. This is why Allwinner designed this SoC to consume the least amount of power while still providing peak performance. This results in a huge battery power saving which in turn lets the device operate longer on a single charge.

At the heart of this chip is the low power Cortex-A7 processor which is one of the most efficient mobile processors ARM has designed. This processor actually has the same design as the high power Cortex-A15 processor but focuses more in providing optimum energy efficiency.

Some of the key features of this processor include

  • Integrated L2 cache: Improved OS support for L2 cache maintenance due to simplified software control
  • Improved memory system performance: Increases performance for large workloads like web browsing

The graphics side is being handled by the Mali400MP2 GPU. This graphics chip boasts of  high performance while still maintaining its energy efficiency.

Some of the key features of this GPU include

  • Advanced tile-based deferred rendering and local buffering of intermediate pixel states
  • Efficient alpha blending of multiple layers in hardware
  • Full Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) using rotated grid multi sampling
  • Integrated MMU based on standard ARM MMU
  • Fully autonomous GPU
  • Independent CPU and GPU power management
  • Fully optimized production quality software drivers

The combination of these two technologies allows the Allwinner A33 to be  manufactured at a low cost yet still able to provide great features to the end consumer.

Some of the key features of the A33 include

  • Pin-compatible with A23 dual core
  • Four CortexTM-A7 CPUs and Mali400MP2 GPU
  • 1080p video playback and capture
  • Integrated MIPI DSI controller, up to 1280×800
  • SmartColor display technology
  • Integrated Hi-Fi audio codec

The A33 is currently sampling right now with devices having this chip expected to hit the market as early as July of this year.

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