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Alleged new images of the Google Nexus 8 leak out

Nexus 8 Leak

We’ve heard rumors about the Google Nexus 8 on numerous occasions and today we’re coming across a couple of images believed to be of the tablet. There’s not much to go with apart from the two images and there’s no confirmation either, so take it with the usual dosage of salt.

Surprisingly, Google is still sticking with those unusually thick bezels on the device, assuming this leak is legitimate. It looks visibly lengthier in portrait mode compared to the Nexus 7, but that could be camera trickery.

The report also comes with some details on the hardware and the software of this alleged new Nexus tablet. Contrary to previous reports, it is said that the Nexus 8 will pack a 64-bit Qualcomm made chipset. But given that the company’s high end 64 bit chipsets aren’t expected to arrive until next year, we don’t think this will come to fruition.

Previous reports have indicated that Google could tie up with Intel for the 64-bit Moorefield chip, so it’s clear that the folks from Mountain View are looking to use the next gen chipsets with its upcoming tablet.

It is further believed that the Nexus 8 will sport Android 4.5 and not Android 4.4.3 which was only recently rolled out to Nexus devices. This comes as a bit of a surprise as well, but considering that the tablet isn’t expected to be announced for a couple of months from now, we think the OS upgrade is possible.

Nexus 8 -1

What’s your take on this new leak?

Source: myDrivers

Via: G For Games

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