Verizon Galaxy S3 Problems And How To Fix Them [Part 2]

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This is the second part of our Verizon Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions. There are twelve issues addressed in this post but there are still a lot of emails left unanswered in our mailbox. We will be publishing articles like this as long as there are readers who ask for our help.

If you own a Verizon Galaxy S3, try to browse this post to see if your problem was already addressed. You may also browse the first part of this series or the entire series of our Galaxy S3 problems and solutions.

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#1. Galaxy S3 overheats, drains battery faster

Problem: Hi, I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and have noticed that it overheats while I’m sleeping and not using the phone. The phone is on my bed and sometimes gets under my blanket. What is the cause? I’ve never had this happen to any other phone and the battery will go from completely full to 45% when I wake up. I have the Verizon variant running Android 4.3. I will appreciate it if you can provide solution to this problem.

Solution: I’m pretty sure there are apps running in the background that eats up the battery faster than before. The first place to look which service or apps are the culprits is the battery usage. Usually, the screen is in the top of the list of the services that need more power and the Android system, second. But there are also third-party apps that cause this so I would recommend you boot your phone to Safe mode and observe if it still heats up and drains battery faster. But as for me, if you can solve the battery drain problem, you will also solve the overheating.

#2. Corrupt pictures on Galaxy S3

Problem: Hi there. I have a 5 month old Samsung Galaxy S3 from Verizon. Just recently, I’ve noticed that when I’ve downloaded a pic from Facebook or browser. After I’ve come out of the browser and closed it down I go back to look at the pics and they are all corrupted. This is from the device storage as I don’t have a memory card. It never used to do this so I’m rather baffled. Help. Thank you. — Gin

Solution: Yes, it is possible that pictures can be corrupted but I haven’t encountered a single Android smartphone having this problem. I don’t want to discredit you of your assessment that the pictures you downloaded from Facebook were corrupted but I was curious to know what image viewer you used in viewing the pictures that could have helped you assess they were corrupted. The Gallery has the capability to detect all image files stored in the phone’s memory and can read almost all of image format. So, if the image you download has a format that is readable by the Gallery, I don’t think they would be corrupted unless they were already corrupted during the download. Try to move those corrupted pictures to your computer and see if they can’t be opened using Windows image viewer.

#3. Restore previous settings

Problem: I spend hours downloading apps, configuring pages, organizing things and getting everything to work together. I love my S3. My daily productivity is markedly more efficient than with past smartphones. But I’ve had to replace this phone 3 times for hardware problems. Each time restoring from various backup programs was a painful process. Although I got everything back, I then had to recreate all the pages, reconfigure settings to the phone and apps, and reorganize everything, right down to the live screensaver. A very long process. What’s available that is a true backup and restore? Something that would allow me to do a hardware reset if necessary, then restore my phone to its previous settings of everything. This can’t be a unique issue, or am I just missing something obvious? Thanks!

Solution: That’s a good point but unfortunately, there isn’t any app or service that could actually backup all your settings, apps, data, and everything and restore them without changing anything. In Android, factory reset means uninstalling apps and services that didn’t come pre-installed with the device and rolling the phone back to its original or default settings and that’s, basically, the opposite of the thing you want to happen. But I do hope some developers out there can conceive a better app or system that could preserve everything in your phone to be transferred to another.

#4. Auto correct issue on Galaxy S3

Problem: Ben from PA. I have a S3 with Verizon. I have had my S3 for about 9 months . I don’t remember specifically but about 2 months after it s purchase I began experiencing the auto correct issue. I visited the Verizon store that I usually deal with The sales person after I described my issue suggested a replacement phone . At the time I was pleased, but after receiving my replacement phone ( a new refurbished unit), I experienced the same issue.

Solution: That’s the dilemma, your smartphone is trying hard to be smarter by auto-correcting words you type but the thing is, auto-corrected words are incorrect. The feature comes native with the phone so we can only do so much about it. The good thing is you can turn it off especially if you used to abbreviating words when you text or compose an email. Just go to Settings > Language and Input > toggle the slider Off beside Predictive Text > Auto correct is now disabled.

#5. Erasing issue with Galaxy S3

Problem: I’m with Verizon and have the Galaxy S3. I was having the same problem until the latest update then the problem went away. The fix seemed to fix all the issues I had after the Samsung update. Just wanted to let you know there is hope. I love my phone again. Thanks for all your info.

Solution: Well, that’s good news. The fact is majority of Galaxy S3 owners who updated their phone to Android 4.3 are actually enjoying their phones right now. There is only a small portion of owners who are experiencing problems. But it’s good to know all your troubles with your phone were gone after the update.

#6. MicroSD card got damaged

Problem: Why does my memory card always get damaged while still in the slot? Yesterday, my external storage card was working fine; I could open any files and everything. In short, it was working perfectly until today. Why does this issue happens? I have a Galaxy S3 from Verizon.

Solution: If you want a blatant answer, well, I don’t know. But if you happen to use SanDisk microSD card, it is possible you got the one that has manufacturing defect. The company already acknowledged this problem last year. There’s nothing we can do about that, to be honest, but SanDisk may replace it with a better unit. Contact SanDisk and tell them about it. However, if you’re using a different brand, then it’s time you bought a new microSD card.

#7. Galaxy S3 shows -1 notification

Problem: My work email is set up on my s3. If all my emails are “read” my inbox shows a -1 in stead of 0 unread emails. How is that even possible? How do I fix it? Thanks.

Solution: It’s a minor glitch but can be easily fixed.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap the More tab.
  3. Tap the Application Manager, then swipe to display the All section.
  4. Scroll to and find BadgeProvider.
  5. Tap Clear Cache, and then Clear Data.
  6. Reboot the phone.

#8. Can’t install app from Amazon on Galaxy S3

Problem: Hi, I’ve had a problem for a few months now with installing apps from any site other than the play store. I can’t even install the Amazon app store app. I’ve checked the box to allow third party apps, so it’s not that. I even reset to factory settings to see if that helped. Nope. Any help you can give me would be great. I have a Samsung galaxy s3 on Verizon. Thanks.

Solution: It wasn’t a common problem but many actually experienced not being able to hit the Install button after you downloaded the app from the Amazon app store. The most effective remedy, albeit temporary, was to reboot the phone. This is based on people who have encountered the problem first hand. It would also help fix the problem if you cleared both cache and data of the app. Reinstalling the app was also proven to have worked. So, try these procedures.

#9. Emails don’t stay in the inbox

Problem: Hello, I am having problems with the touch wiz email app. I have a company POP3 email account. I am not receiving any of my emails, and when I do the email will not stay in my inbox. When I check all my folders it is nowhere to be found. I have cleared the data on the app rebooted my phone and set the email app up again. Still the same issue.

Solution: I am pretty sure your email account was setup to another device or a computer. The problem is not with the phone or the app you’re using to download those emails, you just have to make sure that the ‘Leave a copy of message on the server‘ option was checked under the advanced tab of the email settings in your computer. When that option was unchecked, you are instructing the computer to download all messages from your inbox and delete them from your server leaving nothing for your Galaxy S3.

#10. Possible earpiece, microphone issue

Problem: Hello, I am having this weird problem with my S3. I have tried to look for a solution online or perhaps even another helpless person with the same issue, but have so far been unsuccessful. What happens is this:

When on a call, randomly, the audio both ways drops out. By this I mean I cant hear the person who I am on a call with and neither can they hear me. The audio comes back in about 10 seconds or so (havent really been able to time it) and the call can continue as normal. If I try to hang up during this period of ‘black out’ the phone says ‘Hanging Up…’ until (what I would assume) the time it would have taken for the audio to come back.

I am currently on a Cyanogenmod nightly, the latest, running on the International Samsung Galaxy S3. Before you say anything else, I faced the same problem when I was running stock Samsung ICS and JB versions as well. That was what influenced me to root and flash CM onto my phone. I figured it might be a software issue. But it still occurs even now, in fact sometimes even twice in a call these days. I am confused and desperate. Please help.

Solution: It is apparently a hardware issue. I won’t discredit you with your claim that this problem happened when you were running the stock ROM and it still happens while you’re running a custom ROM. No, I wouldn’t say anything about CyanogenMod ROMs because, honestly, a couple of my devices are running the most recent CM ROMs and I don’t have complaints. So, my advice is bring your phone to a technician and have it checked physically. It could be just as minor as loose connection but could be as complicated as a circuit problem.

#11. Can’t move apps to SD card

Problem: Hi I am a big fan and enjoy your information all though I’m not very good at technology any way my question for you is why can’t i free up memory on my galaxy s 3 by having the option to move any thing to my SD. Card on my old galaxy sky rocket you could.   I would really love it if you could tell me how. Thanks. Hope to hear soon.

Solution: What version of Android your phone currently runs? The new Jelly Bean already has the option to move third-party apps to microSD card. Please make sure your phone runs the latest firmware. But you should also know that there are apps that couldn’t be moved to SD card especially the ones that came pre-installed with the phone.

#12. Problem downloading from different sources

Problem: I’m not able to download apps from Samsung directly. I get a message something to the effect that my settings are set to only download from Google Play store. However I can’t find how change this in settings. Can you help? Thanks!

Solution: There is an option under the Developer Options to allow the phone to install apps from ‘Unknown sources,’ make sure that option is checked and proceed with downloading and installing apps from other sources.

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