Verizon Announces Nationwide Rollout Of VoLTE



Having just launched their new XLTE network, Verizon is on a roll. Just a few days after AT&T also announced their own VoLTE network, Verizon has now announced theirs.

Verizon will be launching their VoLTE network nationwide, not just in a few markets across the country. Unfortunately, there is no specific release date for the new technology to be available for consumers.

Verizon says VoLTE will be rolled out “in the coming months” so that could mean sometime this summer or not until the end of the year. But Verizon says that they will have a “robust” set of handsets supporting the network. Some will support the network immediately while others will need software upgrades.

Verizon has also announced HD voice is coming along with VoLTE. To take advantage of that though, you’ll need to be in a VoLTE area and be talking to someone who also has a VoLTE-capable device. Now hopefully the smilers carriers (Sprint and T-Mobile) get VoLTE on their own networks.

Source: Verizon via Droid Life