UK Retailer Tesco To Launch Its Own High End Android Smartphone This Year

Britain’s largest retailer Tesco is going to enter the smartphone market this year with its plan to release a high-end Android smartphone before the year ends. The company recently had a successful launch of its Android tablet which generated sales of 500,000 units. This is one of the reasons why the company wants to create its own smartphone.

During an interview with BBC 5 Wake Up To Money radio show, Tesco chief executive Philip Clarke said that the company plans to release a smartphone running on Google’s Android operating system. Its specifications will be comparable to most of the flagship models out in the market today such as the Samsung Galaxy S5. Just like its first Android tablet, the Hudl, the upcoming smartphone will come pre-installed with Tesco apps and services. The device is also going to be priced aggressively which means that it will cost less than what the current batch of high end smartphones are selling for.

Right now the specs of the device have not been revealed yet and it’s still unknown as to which company will manufacture the device for Tesco.

Aside from the planned smartphone release the company is also planning a follow up device to the successful Hudl tablet with the release of the Hudl2 this coming September. This upcoming tablet will be priced affordably just like its predecessor and will come pre-installed with Tesco’s products and services such as Blinkbox video and music services, and Tesco Direct.

There’s still no information on the specs of the Hudl2 however it is definitely going to be an improvement from the first version. The original Hudl tablet had a 7-inch (1440×900) display, quad core 1.5 GHz A9 processor, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. The second generation device could very well have better specs than this.

It’s definitely quite interesting that the giant UK retailer will be offering a smartphone (imagine Walmart releasing its own smartphone). While the company announced that it will have specs comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S5, at the end of the year when more advanced smartphones are released this could just become a second best device. One advantage that the retailer has over other smartphone manufacturers is that it has an extensive distribution system composed of hundreds of shops located across the UK.

via bbc

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