Twitter Might Add Muting Support To The Official App


For those not aware, muting is a popular feature commonly found in Twitter clients such as in Plume on Android. Muting allows users to silence others they are following for a certain amount of time, be it for a day, a week, or longer.

You can mute people, hashtags, and even certain words. So if someone is live tweeting a TV show and you don’t want spoilers, you can silence them without unfollowing.

Of course, with Twitter only limiting apps to 100,000 users, many are turned away from 3rd-party apps and lose out on advanced features such as muting. But now Twitter might make that available for them.

With Twitter effectively closing down third party apps, this is a great addition if it is released to everybody. Hopefully it’s released soon, since more 3rd-party apps are shut down every day.

Source: @Missambear