Thumb-Shaped Stylus Makes Using Smartphones With Large Displays Easy

One of the best countries to visit for a vacation is Japan. The country has one of the best tech gadgets available for consumers, great food, and wonderful tourist attractions. The country is also known for its popular anime shows, Godzilla (which is going to be shown in theaters this week), and its numerous robot characters. Then there’s also the weird stuff that it’s known for and one of the latest weird product coming out of Japan is the thumb-shaped stylus.

Smartphones today have increasing displays and sometimes it’s hard use them with one hand. If you happen to be in Japan right now then you can buy a thumb-shaped stylus which extends the thumb by as much as 15mm allowing the user to reach the top of the display and use the device with only one hand.

One situation where this is useful is if you are standing in a train. While one hand holds into the strap to support your balance, the other hand can use the smartphone easily and you can even play games on it. The ad for this accessory also says that sometimes by using an actual thumb the reaction of the smartphone screen may be slow, the thumb-shaped stylus allows for a quicker response time of the display.


This accessory is made of silicon with a dimension of 49mm x Diameter 25mm and a weight of 11 grams. It’s currently priced at ¥1,480 or roughly US$15.

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