Text Notification Problem in Samsung Galaxy S4

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A new message was sent to us recently via The Droid Guy Mailbag, which reads, “I have a minor problem with text notification in my Samsung Galaxy S4. My account is with AT&T.  I receive/send texts, but I never get a notification showing the number of unread texts in my messages icon. I couldn’t find any place to set this. It is due to AT&T? Thanks for support.Nevim”

Possible Causes of the Galaxy S4 Problem in Text Notifications

It is unlikely that the problem is related to AT&T. The issue may be triggered a configuration in your Settings or a bug in your messaging app.

How to Show Up Text Notifications in Galaxy S4

Here are ways to enable or eliminate any bugs preventing your phone from displaying its text message notifications:

1. Check Your Configuration

Check if you have accidentally turned off your notifications, or a bug has caused your notifications to be disabled. Go to Settings. Then, select Apps followed by Messaging. This will display if your notifications are active or not. Simply switch it on if it is disabled.

Note that if you found it already turned on, try toggling its switch off and then on.

2. Clear Cache and Data

When the first solution does not work, repeat the same process above to get to the Messaging app options. However, select Clear Cache this time to remove any temporary files of the app that may be causing the trouble.

If clearing the cache does not cut it, select Clear Data. This has the same effect as uninstalling and reinstalling the app cleanly. But the tradeoff of this method is that it will put the configurations of your app to its original state.

3. Remove Third-Party Programs that May be Affecting the Messaging App

Test if there is a third-party app triggering the problem by booting your device under Safe Mode. From there, observe if the problem persists. If the issue does not occur under Safe Mode, that means you might have installed an app that may have been interfering with the normal functions of your device. Try uninstalling the app that you installed just prior to the occurrence of the issue.

4. Perform a Factory Reset

The last resort if all else fails is to perform a Factory Reset. This will entirely wipe off all your corrupted system files and bring them back to their factory settings. But, the process will also make you lose all your stored data, so be sure to backup first.

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