Spotify Hacked, New Update For Android App Incoming



Bad news for you Spotify users. In a notice today on their blog, Spotify has announced that there was some unauthorized access to their systems and internal data.

However, no sensitive information such as passwords or financial information were accessed. And only one user was compromised. However, to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone, Spotify will be pushing out an update to their Android app this week through both Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

You will have to log back in to the new app with your username and password. And if you’re a paying subscriber who has music saved for offline access, you’ll need to download it all again.

That’s bad, especially if you have a low bandwidth cap, but it’s for your security. I feel your pain, I’m going to have to do the same with my offline songs.

As always, Spotify recommends you only download their app from either Google Play, the Amazon App Store, or their website. Hopefully hacks like this and eBay become less commonplace in the future.

Source: Spotify via Android Central

Download: Google Play, Spotify Website