Sonarphone Turns Your Android Device Into A Fully Functional Sonar System

If you love fishing and use an Android device then you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a fully functional sonar system. This allows you to accurately detect fishes underwater which will result in higher chances of catching them. What you will need is the Sonarphone hardware created by Vexilar which is a WiFi fish finder and the companion Sonarphone app installed in your Android device which can be downloaded for free over at the Google Play Store.


So how does this work? The WiFi fish finder can be used by pulling it from the boat, cast, or thrown from the shore. It is able to perfectly track in the water at varying speeds. To save on battery it comes with a water-activation feature. The images captured by the device can be sent to an Android device in HD quality using a WiFi connection. It even comes with its own WiFi hotspot so that the images can be sent to multiple Android devices.

According to Tom Zenanko, Project Manager from Vexilar, Tom Zenanko, Project Manager from Vexilar, said that “To be clear, this is not a WiFi repeater that requires you buy a fully functional sonar system and then sends just an image of the display for you to watch on your tablet. SONARPHONE is a stand alone, fully functional, touch screen, high definition sonar system that will rival any sonar display on the market at a fraction of the price…. In the sonar world, little has changed in the last 30 years.  The type of display offered by sonar companies has been the driving force in price. For sure the big names in Sonar will not want to hear about SONARPHONE since they are married to their own types of display technology.  Current sonar system displays are ten years behind the display technology used every day at home and at work.  The type of sonar display you have greatly controls the price you pay, and if you want the newest touch screen sonar systems, better be ready to spend a fortune…  Since most people on the planet already own a smart phone or touch screen tablet, you can now turn it into a truly high definition sonar system starting as low as $129.99.”

Vexilar will be selling three different Sonarphone configurations. First is the SP100 T-POD which is a completely portable floating WiFi transmitter that can be cast from shore or pulled behind your boat. Then there’s the SP200 Permanent Mount system which is designed for installation in boats with easy access to a 12 volt power supply. Then finally there is the SP300 which comes in a portable system with a carry case to hold the battery and transducer cable.

via prnewswire