Solutions to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems and Errors [Part 13]


There are ten problems I cited in this post. Some I provided solutions while I gave my suggestions to others. After twelve segments of our Galaxy Note 2 Problems and Solutions series, there were already hundreds of issues I answered so please take a little time to browse the first twelve parts if you have concerns regarding your phone. Here are the links:

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#1. Galaxy Note 2 scrolls back to top

Problem: Hi, I read your articles and they are awesome. Thanks! My issue:

When I scroll down to view my contacts (or other long lists), it always want to scroll back to the top. I can take my finger and “flip-up” the list (aka scrolling down) but it wants to instantly scroll back to the top in about .5 to 1.0 second. It will stay there long enough for me to click on a contact but I have to be really quick – or it will go back to the top.   It’s very annoying. I “googled” the issue and it appears that I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. There’s no viable solution to this problem. Thanks for your help on this, Ross.

Solution: There have been reports indicating that the AllShare app may have played a role why this problem happened. So, if you have one installed on your phone right now, try disabling it first by going to Settings > Apps > All > and disable all apps related to AllShare.

We also have a user who positively said that disabling the Double Tap to Top feature could solve this issue. It can be located under Motion Settings.

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#2. Galaxy Note 2 capacitive buttons issue

Problem: I updated my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Android 4.4.2 KitKat Official update and noticed a problem, the touch sensitive buttons light up on their own and the home screen isn’t smooth as it was before. I tried everything possible but it didn’t work. I don’t want to do a factory reset or root the device because of the valuable information stored. I live in Saudi Arabia. Thanks, Shameer.

Solution: I would assume the update process (downloading and installation) went smoothly and you haven’t encountered any sort of problem. Otherwise, bad update is the cause of all these. Another possible thing I’m thinking about since it is a migration from Jelly Bean to KitKat is that some apps may have been corrupted during the process or some dependencies changed. I understand you don’t want to go through the hassle of doing factory reset but that’s always a possibility if this problem persists. But try booting the phone to Recovery Mode first and wipe the cache partition. This way, the phone will be forced to cache newer data while ditching older ones. After doing this, boot the phone normally and see if it solved the problem. If not, then there’s no other way to address this but the factory reset.

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#3. Galaxy Note 2 can’t play videos

Problem: I took some videos with my Note 2 camera and later tried to view them and could not. Thumb nail does not show and when clicked it says video cannot be played. It doesn’t happen often, just twice since having the phone, but I wanted to know if there was a way to view these corrupted video files, or if you have heard of this happening before. Thanks. By the way I have a Galaxy Note 2 on T-Mobile running 4.3.

Solution: If you’ve been using this phone for months already, I am sure you’ve encountered some temporary issues with some apps that could have been fixed by a simple reboot. But based on your statement, I can see this problem doesn’t happen frequently so it’s just difficult to know what really is the problem.

I have already heard of problems like this before; photos can’t be viewed and videos can’t be played. But majority of those cases happened due to microSD card issues. All of the sudden the external storage was unmounted or the phone can’t read from it. There were a few cases wherein the Gallery glitched popping out the error message, “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped.” You said the problem happened only twice since you bought the phone, so I could only say, at least for now, that it could have been just a glitch. I hope you get my point.

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#4. Galaxy Note 2 wallpaper reverts back to default

Problem: Hi there. I’ve been having an issue with the wallpaper changing without me manually resetting it. I’ve been looking for the option to “lock the wallpaper” onto one image until I’m reading to change it but, I have been unable to do so. Is there a way to lock the wallpaper image until I’m ready to change it without it changing on its own? Thanks! — Nathalie

Solution: That shouldn’t be the case, Nathalie. The wallpaper you chose should remain as is until you changed it to something else or to default. We may need to clear some data to fix this issue and the first thing that comes to mind is the service that handles this feature–TouchWiz. TouchWiz is Samsung’s custom interface that runs on top of Android’s, it handles almost anything on the phone especially Home and Lock screens. So, go to Settings > Apps > All > look for TouchWiz > Clear Cache > Clear Data. Please note that you Home screens will be reverted back to default once you do this.

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#5. Galaxy Note 2 screen visible lines

Problem: I recently bought note 2 marble white and it has some problem in the screen. When I view completely in dark room on dark coloured wallpaper I can see lines on display. So Samsung replaced that set. But the replaced set has the same problem. Can you please help me what is this? — Mohan

Solution: It’s basically a hardware issue, Mohan. Do you have a friend or know someone who also has a Note 2? Can you try to see if you can find lines on the display of their devices as well? But you know what, if Samsung is quick to replace the unit, it could be that they too can’t find a fix for the problem. So, if you still has the same issue with the new unit, you better let Samsung know as soon as possible and if possible, request another unit.

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#6. Galaxy Note 2 doesn’t lock automatically

Problem: Hi Droid guy, I am using Note 2 purchased 2 months back. Recently my phone is not locking automatically after it was updated with the latest software updates of Kitkat 4.4.2. Please help me out.

Solution: I never heard of a Note 2 problem related to yours, so I think it’s just a matter of setting issue. Go to Settings > Display > Screen timeout > choose from the option how long you want the screen to stay turned on when idle.

On the other hand, if the screen wakes up automatically, then there should be something that wakes it up. Download Wakelock Detector app from the Play Store to help you determine the app or service that wakes up your phone. You can disable or uninstall it if possible.

#7. Galaxy Note 2 clock widget doesn’t update time

Problem: Hi, I’m using a Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 and when its in lockscreen mode the time will not update! And this is causing many problems. PS: my device is not rooted. Hoping for a solution. Thanks ! — Hudson

Solution: I was anticipating for you to say when this problem started and what other problems you have in your phone because may be the clock widget that doesn’t update is just one of the effects of what the real problem is. But the immediate solution to the clock widget not updating time on lock screen is to clear the Clock app’s cache and data. If that doesn’t work, try booting the phone to recovery mode and wipe cache partition. If the problem continues to persists, then there’s other problems that needed to be fixed first that may be causing this.

#8. Galaxy Note 2 freezes, widget stops

Question: Good day, I stumbled on your website as I was searching around for answers on a concern I have regarding my Galaxy Note 2.

Previously, connecting to a laptop via cable would enable me to view/open the folders for both the phone and the micro-SD. Now, this doesn’t happen anymore. As my phone is rooted, I installed an app for enabling USB. This worked but as expected, only the micro-SD comes up and not the phone storage. I am able to transfer movies and stuff into my 64GB card via the USB app. When disconnecting, the icon comes up on the taskbar indicating that the SD card is being prepared. This then leads to the unit freezing. While on freeze, the widget for Extended Calendar shows “Widget Loading”. I would then have to take out the micro-SD, reinsert and then reboot. This seems to fix the problem. I understand that the easiest thing to do is simply uninstall the USB-enabling app. I just wanted to know why or what led to the eventual freeze. Thanks, John.

Answer: Actually, rooting the phone doesn’t damage it or anything, you’re actually just opening it up for more possibilities. Based on you statement, there’s no other things that cause the eventual freeze on your phone but your SD card. There nothing wrong with having 64GB of external storage for a high-end phone but just like computers, the device would also take time reading all files stored in it not to mention times when the phone failed to read from the card.

Yes, there are times when the microSD card is virtually unmounted, although it remains stuck on your phone. During this time, the phone will still attempt to read from it and the longer the phone takes to time to read from the storage device, the higher the RAM consumed. When this happens, other services would have to give in so other widgets and apps will stop working for a moment until the phone regains its proper operation. I hope this helps answer some of your questions.

#9. Galaxy Note 2 doesn’t have Play Store

Problem: Hi I just got a used Note 2. I can’t seem to download the Google Play Store, or anything Google related. It says that my device is not supported. The phone was originally from China. I thought it might be fake/clone, but after looking online at a few clones I am no longer sure. What might be causing the issues. When I go to Settings, then accounts, then add Account, Google is not on the list either. Thanks for any help. — Marco

Solution: The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was released with Android Jelly Bean and I am pretty sure it comes with the latest version of Play Store that time. If the market app is nowhere to be found on your phone, there is a possibility that the phone is rooted and the app was uninstalled. So, the first thing I want you to try is download the Play Store’s .apk file and install it on your phone. You can download it from Android Police. If the file can be installed successfully, then problem solved.

However, if you were right about your suspicion that the phone is a clone, then I cannot guarantee a fix. But try to still download and install the Play Store if it can. In case the installation is unsuccessful, or if the phone cannot recognize the file, there is a possibility that the phone isn’t running Android after all. If you can, contact us again and this time include the brand, model and version of Android installed on that thing.

#10. Galaxy Note 2 charges slowly, drains battery fast

Problem: Dear sir, I have charge my hand phone from 11 pm until the next day 8 am, but the battery only charge to 60%. Why is it happened? I have switch off the wife connection and all the apps while charging? Before that I only use 3 hours then it full charge already? How to solve this problem. Besides that, the battery drain really fast compare to last time.

Suggestion: First off, boot the phone to safe mode and charge again. See if you can get it fully-charged in 3 hours or less. If the phone functions and charges normally in safe mode, you better examine third-party apps installed in your phone to know which one is causing the problem. However, if the phone would still not charge properly even in that state already, then the suspects would be your charger, battery and the USB charging port.

That said, try connecting your phone to a computer, a desktop computer not laptop, and see if it charges normally. Or, if you have another charger kit, try that one. Should the phone charges normally, then it’s a charging problem but if it’s still the same, then we’ve narrowed down the problem to either the battery or the USB charging port.

Now, buy a new battery. Don’t worry, if the problem isn’t the battery than, at least, you already have a spare battery kit you could use especially when you travel. With a new battery on, charge the phone and see if it charges normally. If not, then have the phone checked as it could be an issue with the USB charging port.

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