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Samsung reportedly ships 10 million units of the Galaxy S5 within 25 days

Samsung Galaxy S5

According to a new revelation, Samsung has shipped north of 10 million units of its Galaxy S5 flagship within just 25 days of its release. This figure has bested its predecessor the Galaxy S4 which took 27 days to ship these many units. So it’s not a major lead, but a surge in shipments nevertheless.

Considering that Samsung is one of the premier Android OEMs in the market today, a lot is expected from them. And this news should come as consolation for the company after being ordered to pay $119.6 million in fines to Apple, which is a paltry amount to a company like Samsung, but a massive moral setback.

One thing to note here is that although Samsung claims to have shipped these many units, not all of them are actual sales. The term “shipments” means the amount of units that have been sent out to the dealers and retail outlets across the world. But all that said and done, one must say the company has done fairly well to ship out that many units to customers given the sort of competition it is facing from HTC with its One M8 smartphone and several other manufacturers across the globe. Although Samsung’s growth has declined drastically, it will be pleased to know that it is doing better compared to last year.

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