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Samsung reportedly collaborating with Oculus VR for head mounted display

Oculus Rift - Samsung

According to a new report, Samsung is collaborating with Oculus VR for the rumored head mounted display. It is believed that both companies need each other as Oculus will require a display (an area of Samsung’s expertise) and Samsung needs head mounted displays to come in the market as soon as possible. With this deal being struck, it is possible that Samsung might get early access to Oculus Rift when it becomes available in the market.

It is believed that Oculus will handle the software side of the things while Samsung will focus primarily on the hardware required for the device. The way this will function is slightly out of the ordinary though. The primary screen to display content will apparently be the user’s smartphone, possibly with a micro USB type connection. Further, the smartphone’s rear camera will be capable of acting as the eyes for the user wearing the head mounted display, which makes sense.

It is currently being tested on a Galaxy S4 and the results are apparently very positive. The exact implementation of this is yet to be confirmed, but Samsung is undoubtedly very eager to bring it to the market as soon as possible. Oculus was recently acquired by Facebook, so it’s yet to be seen as to how the three companies will work around that dynamic. This collaborative head mounted display will reportedly feature software buttons like on an Android device.

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Via: Engadget

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