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Samsung could be looking to bring Android apps support to Tizen


As it stands now, Samsung’s Tizen platform needs applications to be written from scratch with the help of its own SDK. But a new report now suggests that the Korean manufacturer might be looking to port Android apps to the platform in order to fast forward the process and get as many apps into Tizen as possible.

The company’s latest Gear devices run on Tizen and there has been talk of last year’s Galaxy Gear getting an update to Tizen as well, so Samsung will want to get hold of as many apps as it can before that happens.

It is said that Samsung is in talks with two companies to create a VM or Virtual Machine where Android apps based on Java would be run. So this isn’t exactly a direct port, but merely a way to get Android apps functioning on Tizen devices.

We’re yet to gather more details on this from Samsung, although it seems highly likely to happen given that Tizen hasn’t taken off the way Samsung would have expected. We’ll keep you updated with more details as soon as we get word on it.

Source: Tizen Indonesia

Via: Sam Mobile

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