Samsung and LG believed to be sampling sapphire displays

Samsung / LG Sapphire Glass

According to a new report coming out of Korea, Samsung and LG are asking for samples of sapphire displays from manufacturers. This could be used for practically any consumer product, but given all the talk about smartphones, it’s normal to assume that the two companies are looking to use the display in its future mobile devices.

It is said that both companies were interested in using these displays early last year, but backed out due to manufacturing and cost related issues. There’s no word on whether Samsung or LG will actually use sapphire displays for its future devices, but it’s likely to happen given the manufacturers’ urge to remain competitive in the industry.

It is Apple which brought sapphire display into prominence as it has invested quite a lot on this technology. The iPhone 6 is expected to make use of these displays as well. Sapphire glass is usually known for its resistance and is the reason why it’s used predominantly in modern wrist watches.

It will certainly be interesting if Android OEMs could jump on the sapphire glass bandwagon in a bid to provide something new to the customers, although it will also mean that buyers will have to shell out plenty more for the devices up front.

Source: ET News

Via: GSM Arena