Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime launching in June, will be available in limited quantities

Galaxy S5 Prime

According to a new report coming out of Korea, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime will be launching in June and will only be sold in limited quantities due to supply related issues. As you might recall, the smartphone was originally supposed to launch in February, but low manufacturing capacity of Samsung’s 2K display panels and the overall cost made the Korean manufacturer think twice about launching this premier flagship.

It seems like the company hasn’t sorted out its supply issues yet but will still manage to bring the device to the market, although in limited quantities. Going by these reports, it seems like the smartphone could be merely an experimental project like the Galaxy Round from last year which saw a very limited release. But it is clear that Samsung doesn’t want LG to take away the cake with the LG G3 which is also expected to pack a 2K resolution display with the announcement scheduled for later this month.

There’s no word on whether the Galaxy S5 Prime will feature a metal enclosure, but past reports have indicated that it will, so we’re hopeful of seeing it on board.

Are you excited for a premium version of the Galaxy S5?

Source: Korea Herald

Via: Android Guys

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  1. Personally, I’m done with Samsung. They have zero consideration for there customers. The S5 should have been the prime model in the first place, instead of the S4.1(or S4s) they decided to release.

    LG next for me, I think.

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