Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and Google Play Edition swing by Bluetooth SIG

The body that oversees licensing of Bluetooth technologies and trademarks to device manufacturers, dubbed the Bluetooth Special Interest Group or simply Bluetooth SIG, has been a gold mine of smartphone information and confirmation in the past, delivering the goods once again as it just certified two upcoming Samsung handhelds.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Or rather two Galaxy S5 spin-offs, as we’re talking the SM-G906L and SM-G900FG here. The former, whose model number is in the news for many months now, is unquestionably S5’s ultra-high-end, premium, “Prime” flavor, while the latter, never before seen in the spotlight, is likely the Google Play Edition.

First things first, let me crush your hopes by saying no, the Bluetooth approval docs contain no insight on specs whatsoever. Or availability, so we’re still left wondering if Sammy indeed plans to launch the GS5 Prime solely in Korea.

The only tidbit transpiring from said docs is both gadgets support Bluetooth 4.0. Also, their formal introductions and subsequent commercial releases should be right around the corner, since getting this stamp of approval is usually one of the last formalities ahead of announcements.

Galaxy S5 Google Play

For the record, we’re not 100 percent sure the SM-G900FG is the stock Android-running GS5, but what else could the “G” stand for if not Google? Besides, last year’s Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition was branded that way after carrying the GT-I9505G alias.

Remember, Big G teased/accidentally exposed the Google Play S5 a little while ago, plus common sense tells us a version with pre-loaded “vanilla” KitKat is near.

Unlike the S5 Prime, expected to up S5’s hardware ante with a Quad HD display, Snapdragon 805 chip and 3 GB RAM, the Google Play Edition shall keep everything the exact same inside the hood.


In other news, rumormonger extraordinaire evleaks claims the Korean-only SM-G906 is prepped in five color combos. Coincidentally, the same paint jobs used by the standard S5: black, white, gold, blue and pink.

Wait, but wasn’t the “premium” smartphone supposed to be in short supply due to Quad HD screen manufacturing difficulties? Darn it, the webs insist on remaining tangled.

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