Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime briefly makes an appearance on a website

Galaxy S5 Prime

We’ve heard rumors regarding the arrival of a premium Samsung flagship known as the Galaxy S5 Prime. A Korean website briefly listed this model with the model number SM-G906K, before eventually realizing the error and taking it down. Interestingly, the screenshot taken from the website also shows an image of the smartphone which appears to have an exaggerated perforation on the back.

The lockscreen looks pretty dark too, which isn’t something Samsung is known for. So we suggest you pile this rumor in the maybe section given its nature. It has been said that Samsung wants to counter LG’s big unveiling of the LG G3 later this month by launching something of its own by June. It is believed that the handset won’t be available in large quantities, so it will only serve as a niche product, much like the Galaxy Round from last year.

This also indicates that the pricing won’t be anywhere close to what one would consider affordable. But I guess having a 2K display and a premium design warrants a hefty price tag.


Source: Olleh TV

Via: Talk Android