Samsung Galaxy S5 also capable of checking your stress levels

Galaxy S5 Stress Monitor

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S5 can now check their stress levels using the heart rate monitor. This is done by checking the rapidity of the user’s heart beat, so there’s no new technology involved. This will mean that using the stress monitor after a workout or a jog would indicate that you’re very stressed as the metric to determine the stress levels are pretty simple. So keeping that in mind, it doesn’t necessarily seem like a very useful addition, but an interesting one nonetheless.

These changes can be found with the latest version of S-Health over at Samsung’s dedicated app hub, so make sure you update it manually if you haven’t received the notification yet.

Samsung has always tried to stay ahead of the competition with features like these. But sadly, most of them are bordering on being nothing more than gimmicks to please a particular demographic.

Will this new addition make you use the heart rate monitor on the Galaxy S5 more often? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

Via: Sammy Hub