Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems, Questions, Solutions & Advices [Part 12]


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There were 10 problems I addressed in this post so please take a little time browsing below to see if your problem is similar. If you can’t find your concern anywhere in this post, please try to browse the first 11 parts of this series; links are provided after the break.

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#1. Possible display panel issue

Problem: Dear sir, I have booked my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) recently two weeks before but last two/three days I am facing display problem while I playing some video files. Whole screen would become scattered and green & yellow lines were seen. But after restart it would be alright. Can you help me! And share some solution to this problem.

Solution: I don’t know how frequent this problem happens in a day because I’m thinking it could be a hardware problem rather than a software glitch or something. If this happens more frequently, try to be observant of the apps you use when lines of green and yellow appear. But just to rule out the possibility of a third-party app problem, try booting the phone to safe mode and then wait and see if the problem still happens in that state. If it doesn’t, then it could be an app that’s causing it but if it still does, then I would recommend having it checked physically.

#2. Audio doesn’t work, videos play slow

Problem: Hi, so got my Galaxy S4 for Christmas its been working great till about a month ago. The sound doesn’t work and videos are played in slow motion. When I restart it works for a bit then stops again. I have restarted it to factory settings twice now. Even worse now when the phone turns off and I boot it up again it just stays at the Samsung start up picture then when it gets to the home page it just shuts down and goes back to the Samsung start up picture I have no idea what to do. Thanks, Tyler.

Suggestion: The audio that doesn’t work, I think there’s more to that than just a sound problem. Whatever the reason why the phone lost its audio, I think it’s affecting other components causing the phone to slow down in performance. You said you already did reset the phone to its factory settings and the problem still persists–it even became worse. There’s no other option but to bring it to the store and have it checked.

#3. Can’t download emails

Problem: Good morning, my S4 is constantly trying to download e-mails with no success, draining the battery in the process and making the phone very, very hot. I have disabled the mobile data to stop the little round thing constantly turning round. Have you any idea what it might be? — Louis

Solution: That little thing that constantly turning round means the phone is trying to connect to mobile data network with no success. Not being able to download emails is just of its effects. This problem boils down to not having a good internet connection. But since the phone is trying to connect to a mobile network with no success, I am almost positive it’s an APN setting problem. To solve this, please call your service provider or carrier and ask the rep to walk you through checking the APN Settings in your phone and probably double-checking if everything is correct.

#4. Pictures stay horizontal

Problem: Hello, I just have an issue regarding using the Samsung galaxy S4 camera through the messaging app. I always see your Q and A posts on Drippler and it has helped me with many problems! Hopefully you can help me with this issue.

The problem is that whenever I’m texting somebody through the stock messaging app and click on add attachments and select take photo, the camera shows up vertically and all the camera icons are vertical. But when I take the photo, the picture automatically shows up horizontally. It usually takes a couple of tries for it to stay vertical. This is extremely frustrating as I use this feature often and I want the pictures to stay vertical. This only happens through the messaging app. Do you know what is causing this and how to stop it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. — Faihaan

Suggestions: I never actually encountered this kind of problem before so the things I will suggest here will definitely fall into the trial and error category. If it were my problem, the first thing I would try is to boot to Safe Mode and take/attach a picture within the messaging app just to see if the problem still happens. If that’s the case, then I would clear cache and data of both camera and messaging apps.

#5. Can’t connect to mobile data after update

Problem: Hello, I update my Samsung S4 about a week ago and since then my mobile data hasn’t worked. I have searched over the internet to try and find a solution. I have even gone to my service provider and they have reset my mobile 3 times, but to no avail. Can you help?

I would appreciate any points, links or guidelines. Best regards and keep up the really good work. Thanks.

Solution: I understand your service provider already did reset the phone three times but did they even bother to check the APN settings set on the phone? These things change without notice and surely there are alternative settings you can use if one fails.

When I was working as tech support for one service provider, I had argue with my manager for not immediately performing factory reset if customers complain about not being able to connect to our network. The thing is, default APN Settings will remain even after factory reset. If it were the problem, it will not be fixed even if you reset the phone a hundred times.

So, please, call your service provider and ask for correct APN Settings as well as for alternatives. Also note that APN settings for internet and MMS may differ.

#6. ‘Complete action with…Always’

Problem: I’m using a Galaxy S4, OS 4.3. A simple question please… When one selects to open an attachment or file, when asked, with one of the various installed browsers or viewers and then clicks on “Complete action with” “Always” (versus “Just once”, does it mean this will apply to all future files with that extension and that they will always be opened with that app, or does it mean that only that specific file will Always be opened with that browser or viewer? Appreciative regards, Bill.

Solution: Good question, Bill. I actually was thinking that when you chose ‘Always’ files with the same extension would be opened using the app you preferred. But I tried it with two set of files: the first set were .mp3 (standard music track) and .m4a (format for ringtones and notifications) and the second set were .jpg and .png, both image files.

I cleared app defaults through the Application Manager and tried opening the mp3 file and chose the default app to open the file automatically. I then tried opening the m4a file but wasn’t prompted with the option to choose the app to use but it was automatically opened using the app I used for the mp3 file. The same thing with the image files.

So, my answer to your question is, the option ‘Always’ will be applied to files in the same ‘familiar’ category. Familiar because there are file extensions created by companies to open proprietary files or media. The thing is, if you’ve already chosen an app to open files automatically and you want to change it, you just have clear defaults.

#7. Phone auto scans when taking photos

Problem: Hello, when I’m cropping photos that I just took with my Galaxy S4 phone, a scan automatically starts and slows down my ability to review photos (up to 30 seconds per photo). How can I disable the auto scan? I do not download photos onto my phone, so it is basically scanning my own “just taken” photos (which seems like a waste of time). Help! Many thanks!

Solution: I was hoping you would tell us the app that does auto scans. The immediate solution to this problem is to disable that app. Alternatively, you set the app to exclude in the scan photos and other media files.

#8. S4 opens apps very slow

Problem: Hello. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. My problem is my phone is taking a longer than normal time to open apps. It’s pretty much any app (stock or installed). It takes about 4 seconds after pressing the icon for an app for it to actually open. And it is about the same when closing (by hitting the back button). How can I improve this? I don’t have an outstanding amount of downloaded third party apps in my phone. Please help. Thanks for your time. — Sherri

Solution: There’s probably no way for me to know what causes this problem but try to narrow it down. Boot to safe mode and see if it would still take time for the phone to run the apps. If the performance is better in Safe Mode, then there’s a third-party app that causes it. If, however, the problem still persists in that state, then the problem is with pre-installed apps or services. Either way, I’m pretty sure a factory reset would solve it…unless, the issue is with the hardware of your phone.

#9. Multiple problems after update

Problems: I am a Samsung S4 Galaxy owner. – Sprint is my carrier.

Until around the first week in April, 2014, I was a happy S4 owner.

At about that time there was a system update, which I assume was the kit kat update.

Since that time I have had a lot of trouble:

  • Sometimes can’t answer a call because the screen is blank
  • Often can’t wake up the phone to check for email, texts, etc.
  • The phone is often “waiting” seems to be caught in a loop
  • Problem be related to my corporate Microsoft exchange email account. I took it off and everything seemed to be working OK. I put it back on and problems resumed.
  • Often get message: “TouchWiz home isn’t responding. Do you want to close it?”

I have called Sprint several times and they are no help. They tell me to take it to a Sprint store, but the nearest one is 50 miles from where I live. Is there a fix for this issue? — Ron

Solution: That’s a lot of problems for a phone, Ron. I’m sorry you have to experience all these troubles. Please try to boot to Safe Mode and setup your Exchange email account to see if the problem still happens. When the phone is in this state, all third-party apps are temporarily disabled giving way to all pre-installed apps and services to have a grip on the phone’s RAM. In other words, the phone should function normally when in Safe Mode but it doesn’t, then the problem could be from core apps and services or from the firmware itself. This is the time you performed factory reset after you backed up all your data.

I understand the nearest Sprint store from your location is 50 miles away, you have no other option but to bring it in if these problems persist. After all, you don’t want to pay for a service that you can’t use because of a crappy phone.

#10. No SD card installed

Problem: My Samsung Galaxy S4 states I do not have an SD card installed. When I try to move an app to my SD card it states I don’t have one installed. I have a 32GB card installed. Please help.

Solution: There must be an option inside Settings to mount your SD card, please do that. If that doesn’t fix it, physically remove the microSD card, reboot your phone and mount it again. If still nothing, remove the card again, let your computer read from it if it can; it will prompt you to either open it or format it. If you can open it, make a back up of all your data and re-format your SD card to FAT32 format, and then try again. If all else fails, I’m pretty sure it’s not a problem with the phone.

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  1. yellow blue lines on the screen when a video is played happens to my S4 also. It is not specific to any app, it happens to any video file played. Restarting solves it temporarily but the problem appears after a few days. This happened after the KITKAT update and I’m completely sure that it’s a software glitch.

  2. S4 brought just few days back has frequest restarting automatically. have no SD card. tried factory reset. no improvement. Can any one help

  3. That one is not an app…it’s a widget… go into widgets and bring it back…

  4. Does anyone know how to update my Verizon Galaxy S4 to the newest update ? I have unlocked to T-Mobile and when I go to software update it tells me it’s unavailable ….. so what should I do ??? Verizon tells me to reset the phone.

  5. Yes the yellow blue lines on the screen when a video is played happens to my S4 also. It is not specific to any app, it happens to any video file played. Restarting solves it temporarily but the problem appears after a few days. This happened after the KITKAT update and I’m completely sure that it’s a software glitch.

  6. My problem is minor in nature but still frustrating. After the upgrade to my s4 my stock weather app just disappeared. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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