Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems, Error Messages and Ways To Fix Them [Part 14]

After fourteen parts and more than a hundred problems addressed we still can’t stop providing support to Samsung Galaxy S4 owners because there are thousands of emails left unanswered in our mailbox. If you have problems with your phone, get in touch with us and let us help you find solutions.

There are no magical solutions to these problems and we post our suggestions in this website to serve as resources for users who might be having some issues he/she doesn’t know how to fix. But then again, I would like to remind you, these are just suggestions and I’m not forcing you to follow them if you think they won’t work or could damage your phone even more. But I assure you, I always stay on the safer side of things.

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#1. Phone deletes apps and music

Problem: I hope that you can help. I have a Samsung [Galaxy] S4 and I have had issues with it since I got it. I wanted to increase the memory so I got an SD card online that was quite cheap. I then put all my music and apps on. I then found out that you weren’t meant to put your apps on the SD card. The apps and music seemed to all delete themselves. I then downloaded all the apps again, but every now and again one will go grey and show a default android picture instead of the picture for the app and I cant open it. I was wondering if you know how I can fix this problem? Kind regards, Sophie.

Solution: Hello ma’am, actually there’s no problem moving some apps to the SD card. There are, however, apps that shouldn’t be moved especially the pre-installed ones. Third-party apps or those you downloaded from the Play Store shouldn’t cause any issues on the phone when moved to the SD card, unless the storage device itself has a problem and that’s what I’m actually seeing here. But just so you wouldn’t think we’re quick to blaming the SD card, try removing it from your phone and have your laptop or any computer read from it. After that, format it to FAT32 format, mount it back and save your pictures in it. Open the gallery and try to find the ones you saved in the SD card and see if they’re loaded without any problems.

#2. Battery temperature too high error

Problem: Hi, when I connect my charger to my phone I get a message saying “Charging paused. Battery temperature too high” it does not go away. I have taken out the battery and left it overnight but it still gives this message when I try to charge. What can I do? Thank you. — Natasha

Solution: If this error message won’t go away whatever you do, then the thermistor in your phone, which is located on the USB charging board, has a problem. There are two possible ways you can address this problem: first, purchase a USB charging board unit and replace the one that’s mounted on your phone; second, buy an external battery charger and use it to charge your battery but the compromise is your phone will be completely useless while charging. The error message will pop up only when you plug your phone to charge. I hope this helps.

#3. Internet has stopped working

Problem: Hello, I was wondering if you ever heard of this problem: I can open the internet browser using the little globe icon and browse online. My internet connection’s fine. However, when I want to close the internet page I am getting an error message saying the internet has stopped working but I can turn around and open any webpages. Any suggestions what causes that and how to fix it? Thanks for your time. — Ute

Solution: I believe it is just a minor glitch and can be fixed by simply clearing both the cache and data of the Internet app. If the problem persists, however, boot the phone to recovery mode and wipe cache partition. That should do it. As a workaround, use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox, they’re better than the stock internet browser.

#4. Cannot do anything on the phone

Problems: Hi there. Hope you are well. I need your help urgently. I cannot do anything anymore on my Samsung S4. If I go into Facebook, I cannot see any photos, videos of feeds. I cannot download music of videos anywhere. No YouTube, Google or ANYTHING!!!! I am so frustrated. Please help? Thank you in advance. — Nadia

Solution: Nadia, I understand you have problems with your phone but I could help you better if you told me what happened before this issue happened. You said you cannot see any photos, videos or feeds. Since I don’t have any idea what happened, I would think it’s just a Facebook problem. Uninstalling and re-installing the app could solve it. For ‘no YouTube, Google or anything,’ it could be Google apps stopped or the core service that handles data necessary to run these apps has been stopped; a reboot might solve the problem. But again, I don’t know what happened to the phone, so I would advice you perform Factory Reset, that should take care of everything. But you have to make a backup of your data first.

#5. Phone randomly turns off itself

Problem: Hi sir, my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone randomly turn off itself even though enough battery life. I can not turn it on back without plug the charger. And the home screen button is not working. How can I find a solution for this? Please help me.

Solution: I don’t know how you can say that your phone has ‘enough battery life’ but it seems to me that this is basically a drained battery problem. If your basis is the battery indicator on the Notification Panel, well, that’s not entirely accurate, at least, there are times when the phone thinks there’s enough battery left when in fact it’s about to be drained. The fact that you said the phone won’t turn on unless you plug the charger in is evident that it’s a battery issue. I recommend you invest in an extra battery kit.

#6. Screen goes black, phone lags

Problems: I was reading your blog today and decided to write. My Galaxy S4 is less than a year old. Last week (May 8th) I received a message that the phone needed an update to the most recent software. After the update, the phone screen will completely go black. Prior to the update, I only needed to hit the home key or power key to get the screen to light up. Now, I either have to take the battery out and put it back in or try to get the phone to restart with the power key. Once the phone restarts, 90% of the time the log in screen looks normal. Once I log in the touch screen can be slow to respond (logging in and using functions/apps). After a while everything will work fine. If I l put the phone down and it goes to sleep or put it on the charger, it will go black again. In the other 10% of cases, when I reboot the phone the log in screen doesn’t look normal (it reminds me of ‘safe mode’ on a computer). Once I’ve gotten it to log in, everything works fine until I put it down for a period of time or charge it. All of the other functions of the phone seem to work fine as long as I’m using it.

I called Samsung and they showed me how to clear the cache partition. I’ve done that twice and it will work fine for a few hours before it starts acting up. Samsung recommend that I send the phone to them so that they can wipe it and send it back to me. I’m not sure if it is a hardware issue or a firmware issue. I have only recently installed one new app from work that allows us to access our benefits online. However, I loaded this AFTER the update and AFTER the phone started having issues. I really don’t want to send the phone to them and have to wait up to 12 days to get it back. If they only reinstall the software and it turns out to be a hardware issue, I’m back to square one. Verizon won’t do anything in-store regarding a swap because it’s been more than 30 days since I purchased the device.

I see you recommend booting in safe mode to some people and uninstalling apps. Is that really helpful?

What do you recommend? Is anyone else experiencing this issue? What does an owner initiated ‘factory reset’ actually accomplish? If I do a factory reset, do I have to reinstall all of my apps and start over? Thanks! — Kelly

Solution: Thank you for providing as much detail as possible but I am sorry you have to go through all these hassles. I encountered problems like this before and some are even worse. Majority of them have been fixed by simply booting to Recovery Mode and wiping the cache partition. But apparently that procedure didn’t work for you.

As to your question about booting to safe mode and uninstalling apps, well, it works for problems related to third-party apps. When in Safe Mode, all third-parties installed on the phone are temporarily disabled and in that state, the phone should work properly. Disabling or uninstalling of those apps is often the best remedy for those kinds of problems.

About the factory reset; it will bring the phone back to default factory settings while keeping the most recent update you downloaded and installed. Moreover, it will delete all personalization and customizations you’ve done on your phone as well as uninstall all apps you downloaded from the Play Store and, of course, your data.

If you don’t have problems prior to the update, then it’s a firmware issue and not hardware. While I think the factory reset can fix the problem, there’s always a possibility that it can’t and if that’s the case, you need to send your phone to Samsung and have them fix it for you or you need to manually install the previous version of your firmware and re-update the phone and you will void your warranty along the process.

I recommend you perform factory reset but before that, try booting to Safe Mode and observe closely if you still have these problems while in that state. If you do, then proceed with backing up your data and performing factory reset. Otherwise, some apps may be causing the problem. I hope this helps, ma’am.

#7. Google Voice won’t function, email sign in failure

Problems: Hello. I am having problems with my Sprint Galaxy S4 the last few days. Facebook keeps freezing; I uninstalled then reinstalled. In my car (Sync) I can’t tap Google voice to dial, it won’t connect. As of last night, my Comcast email, which is my default, keeps giving me Sign In failed message. I’m sure there are more that I just haven’t noticed.   Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks! — Randi

Solution: Randi, please boot to Safe Mode. While in there, try everything you are having problems with just to test if issues persist. If they do, then third-party apps and services may be the cause of the problem; if they don’t, you have the pre-installed apps and core services to blame. But either way, a factory reset could solve the problem. If you, however, recently updated your phone, you may want to try wiping the cache partition via Recovery Mode, it might help.

#8. Phone automatically connects to Wi-Fi network

Problem: I have a Samsung galaxy S4 from sprint that I purchased 3 months ago. I have turned off Wi-Fi and every setting relating to Wi-Fi. Yet multiple times every day, I check my phone and it has connected to Wi-Fi. My battery life is only 4 hours because it is constantly trying to connect to Wi-Fi. I also keep losing network connection and have restored the power settings (per Sprint’s advice) 8 times in the past three weeks. I do not have Wi-Fi at home, so my network connection is the only way I can use my phone at home. I work in IT and work with many users who have this same phone with none of the issues I am having. Please help! Thanks, Cate.

Solution: There’s a setting for that, Cate. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > tap the Menu key > choose Settings > Advanced > turn off Auto network switch. That should lock your phone onto mobile data network and not connect to known Wi-Fi networks. And yes, your phone’s battery life should improve after this; frequent switching between networks really drains battery. I hope this helps.

#9. Touchscreen problem after phone got wet

Problem: I read your web piece on subject problem. I know my phone got wet. After pulling battery and putting in rice for 48 hours, all looks good except touchscreen function. I got my pictures off the phone by hooking it to my computer and copying them over. Anymore advice for liquid issue? Thanks, Walt.

Solution: I don’t know the extent of the problem or the amount of liquid the phone took in but if the touchscreen problem occurred just after the incident, then there could still be some liquid left inside. Or, the phone just needs general cleaning because it could be that corrosion prevents the digitizer from functioning well. The digitizer is a component that is responsible for touchscreen function.

#10. Multiple problems after 4.4.2 update

Problems: Good morning. I am hoping you might have some advice before I take my phone to ATT to troubleshoot. ATT pushed the kitkat 4.4.2 update last week and I have had a bunch of trouble with apps as follows:

  • HBO Go – error “please insert SD Card and try again”
  • Kindle – I try to download a book and it never downloads
  • Snapchat – cannot send “failure sending”
  • Twitter – can log on but no pictures show up just grey boxes
  • Flipboard – same as twitter no pictures blank boxes
  • Spotify – tried to download and it states could not find SD card

Other apps seem to be working fine and my e-mail seems fine.

Just wondering if you had any suggestions before I go to ATT. I really do not want to do a factory restart. Thank You, Renee.

Solution: Good day, ma’am. I understand why you don’t want to perform factory reset but believe me, that’s the first thing an AT&T rep would do when you bring the phone in for checkup. As early as now, please backup all your data first. If all these problems happened after the update, it could be that caches of apps you mentioned were corrupted during the process.

Both HBO Go and Spotify apps are telling you about the microSD card so there is also a possibility that the update process messed it up. Please check if it’s still in good condition and can be read by your phone. Better yet, remove it while you’re troubleshooting your phone.

Try clearing the cache and data of the Twitter app first or uninstall and reinstall it, then try logging in to your account again and see if feeds display correctly. If that doesn’t help, boot the phone to recovery mode and wipe cache partition. In case these problems persist, there’s no other option but to perform factory reset. I hope this helps, ma’am.

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