Samsung Galaxy S4 Pandora Streaming Issues

galaxy s4 pandora

We have received several emails from Samsung Galaxy S4 Pandora users who have been encountering streaming issues especially when they upgraded to Android 4.3. According, to the official website of Pandora, there are several ways to fix it. Read the steps below, which were provided by the tech support of the app.

1. Update the App

First, check if there are updates on the version of the app in your notifications or through Google Play. Download and install the updates if they are available.

2. Clear Cache and Data

If there are no updates or the issue still persists after updating your app, try clearing its cache and data through the Settings of your phone. Follow the directions below to do this:

a. Access Settings from your Home screen.

b. Select More.

c. Proceed to Application Manager.

d. Open the Downloaded tab and search for Pandora.

e. Tap the app.

f. Select “Clear Cache” to remove the temporary files that may be causing the bug.

g. If clearing the cache does not work, access the app again through the Downloaded tab and clear both its cache and data.

Take note that clearing the data of your app may change the preferences and configurations you have set to default though.

3. Reinstall the App

When the previous solutions don’t work, uninstall the app using the steps below:

a. Go to the Settings of your phone.

b. Open Applications.

c. Tap Manage Applications.

d. Select “Uninstall”.

e. Access Google Play and look for the App.

f. Download and reinstall it.

Be reminded that the app should be install in your phone’s local memory not in its SD card.

4. Lower the Quality of the App’s Streaming

Try to stick with “Normal Quality” instead of playing the audio in “High Quality”.You can toggle the quality by pressing the back arrow in your “Now Playing” screen. This will provide you the option to open the Settings tab. Select the Settings tab and choose Advanced to adjust the quality of the app’s output.

5. Disable Battery-Saving or Task Manager Apps

Check if there are active battery-saver or task manager apps running in the background of your device. Disable them when you are using the app.

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