Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Quick Ways to Fix Them [Part 14]

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the most powerful smartphones in the market today, it is not free of problems. That’s the very reason why we’re doing what others would not do.

Since you’re reading this post now, I am almost certain you have encountered problems with your phone that you don’t know how to fix. So, feel free to browse this post as well as the first 13 segments that came before this.

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I have already addressed almost two hundred Galaxy Note 3 problems and provided solutions to most of them but we still have thousands (literally) of emails we need to answer. The good news is, there are now two of us who are doing this so answering of questions through posts like this will be ramped up for sure.

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#1. Galaxy Note 3 multi-window crashes

Problem: Hi, I have a Galaxy Note 3. I keep receiving the error below, which after researching online, I found out is supposed to be a multi window error. I did a factory reset. Then I added apps back one at a time with no errors. But then when I restart my phone, it comes up again. My phone is not rooted. And I’m running Kitkat 4.4.2. Attached is a screenshot of the error. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks, Lisa.

Solution: I didn’t encounter this problem first hand but a friend of mine said that the Flashbar service, aka multi-window feature, crashes when it has cached larger amount of data already. A reboot could always fix the problem but it would soon comeback. So, he advices to reboot the phone at least once a day to prevent it. However, if it happens more frequently already, you have to clear its cache and data. In your phone, go to Settings > General > Application manager > All > find and tap on it > Clear Cache > Clear Data > OK.

#2. Galaxy Note 3 can’t save photos, move apps to SD card

Problem: My Note 3 detects the SD card. I can see the pictures but when I take a picture it says that the picture can not be save to the memory card. Also if I try to download an app that needs the SD card storage I can’t download it. Please help!

Solution: Please check again. Not because you can see thumbnails when you open the gallery doesn’t mean the SD card is working fine. What you may be seeing are thumbnails which are cached in your phone’s internal memory. Another thing, if you set the phone to save pictures to the external storage and it can’t all of the sudden, I am certain it’s a microSD card issue more than anything else.

#3. Galaxy Note 3 can’t receive messages

Problem: Hi there, my Samsung Note 3 was working fine until Monday. I haven’t been able to receive messages from my best friend since Monday night. She can get the messages I send her, and she can reply to them, but I cannot get her messages. I have rung my service provider and they cant find anything wrong. I was wondering if you could suggest anything I could do. Thanks, Steph.

Solution: Hello Steph, I understand you have a hard time receiving messages from your best friend but I’m wondering what kind of “messages” you’re actually having problems with. Are they text messages, MMS (pictures/videos), or email messages? If they were text messages, your service provider can answer all your questions because by default all mobile phones can send / receive these type of messages out of the box.

If the problem is with MMS messages, then you still have to call your service provider and ask for correct APN settings and have the rep walk you through setting it up. However, if it’s with the email you’re having problems with, clear cache and data of the email app, delete the account from the phone and set everything up again. That usually would work. If all else fails, bring the phone to your service provider and have their tech take a look at it.

But then, you’ll have to answer every technician’s question, “What did you do to the phone before the problem started?”

#4. Galaxy Note 3 notifications stop when using mobile data

Problem: Hi, I’ve been using my Samsung Galaxy note 3 for a while and one by one my notifications stopped arriving for different apps like Snapchat and Facebook messenger. Eventually my WhatsApp stopped giving notifications as well. This only occurs when I’m using data, when I connect to WiFi all the notifications come at once. I have checked all my notification settings and turned off all data restrictions. I haven’t changed any settings as well. Can you please help me with this problem? Much appreciated, Az.

Solution: Apparently, all these apps need internet connection to receive notifications. The real problem that I can see here based on your statement is that you cannot connect to the internet when you use mobile data. So, of course, the first thing I would ask you to do is to call your service provider (using a different phone if possible) and ask about your account status. This includes your remaining data if you’re not subscribed to unlimited plan and whether or not the account is still in good standing.

Secondly, if the rep tells you everything in your account is fine then ask for the correct APN Settings. This is one of the most common causes why users cannot connect to the internet using mobile data. If you’re using a different phone in calling the hotline, you may ask the representative to walk you through setting the correct APN settings on your phone. Do these things first and let’s see if that solves the problem. If not, then contact us again and make this post as a reference so you don’t have to explain yourself to us again.

#5. Galaxy Note 3 has poor coverage

Problem: Hi, my Note 3 (SM N9000) has issue in coverage for T-Mobile in many spots. It is a 3G phone, but I have seen better coverages for other 3G phones in same spots. Mine is an unlocked phone and it is a pre-paid connection. Some times the signal is very unstable. — Ranjith

Solution: Pre-paid or post-paid, there shouldn’t be any difference when it comes to coverage. But seriously, T-Mobile can help you better with this problem as it concerns their network. I don’t want you to do anything to the phone until you called your service provider. When I was still working as a tech support for a wireless company, we have this really great tool that could check how good the coverage in the area is.

If we can see the coverage is good but the subscriber isn’t getting close to the service we expect, then we will perform basic troubleshooting then we will send replacement SIM cards for GSM pre-paid customers. So, again, call T-Mobile and ask about the coverage in your area. Have the rep do what he’s supposed to do and see how it goes. I hope you understand that whatever we do or recommend couldn’t fix the problem if the issue is the network in the first place.

#6. Galaxy Note 3 screen freezes, errors pop up, etc.

Problem: I don’t really understand the modern technology very well but basically my Note 3, since the last update, began to work oddly in multiple little ways. For example: the screen freezes, it comes up with random messages such as confirming agreements or touchwizard not working and loads of others. They appear random to me. This culminated in the screen going black, for short periods to start with, then for longer and longer periods, until it was unusable. I have had it set back to factory settings but the problems gradually re-occurred, then had it sent back for repair, they said it was repaired and the cause was a ‘software bug’ but as time has gone by the problems are reoccurring again. The mobile is completely unreliable and largely useless. I feel powerless to sort this but tied into paying a contract for something that does not work. I hope you can help me. Thank you anyway for the service you provide. — Sue

Suggestion: I am sorry you have to experience all these issues but if your service provider said it is some kind of a software bug, then take their word for it. What you can do now is to maintain your phone and that means performing factory reset every now and then or if you think the performance has deteriorated. In order for the ‘software bug’ to be fixed, Samsung must first acknowledge there’s a bug and release a patch, more often little updates, to fix it.

So, backup your data more often so that when the time comes you need to do the factory reset to bring the phone to a ‘usable’ state, you can do so without compromising your important data.

#7. Galaxy Note 3 gets unknown error code -24

Problem: Hello, I started having problems with Facebook last week, not showing any notifications. I deleted the app, and went to re-install and get a message “unknown error code -24” when I install Facebok. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Solution: I consulted a friend of mine who knows the ins and outs of Android system about this problem. He said unknown error code -24 is almost the same as unknown error code -110. He blamed uncleared cache and data for this.

When you install an app, a folder or directory is created on your phone’s memory to contain caches and data used by the app to run. When these data became corrupt, the app might not function properly. More often, when you delete or uninstall the app, these data will be left behind as well as the directory. By the time you install the app again, Android will still use the same directory and due to permission issues, the recent installation may not be able to delete old data. This is the cause of the error.

The best way to address this kind of problem is to browse through your phone’s memory and find the folder that contains data of the previous installation, in this case, it’s Facebook. Delete the entire folder together with files stored in it. Then, reboot your phone, download and reinstall the app.

To prevent this from happening, always clear both cache and data before you uninstall or delete an app.

#8. Galaxy Note 3 doesn’t display photos from cloud servers

Problem: Hello, I have a Note 3 from Verizon. I am still on Jelly Bean. Verizon has not sent out a OTA KIT KAT yet. My problem has to do with the Photo Gallery. In the Gallery menu, under “content to display”, I have “All” checked. At first all the pictures were being displayed, Facebook, Picasa, Local, etc. Here recently I have noticed that the pictures other than local are not showing up. There is an option there for them, meaning they are just black square blocks and they say loading but the pictures never load. I might look on there a day or two later and they will be back. The next day they may or may not show up. I do not understand this a I have All checked under content to display. Thanks for any advice you might have. — Jason

Solution: In order for the phone to display pictures saved in the cloud, you must have an active internet connection the moment you want to check them out, otherwise, you would only see the ‘loading’ symbol with pictures not actually loaded due to connection issues. If you’re using mobile data, I’m sure there are moments when the connection is interrupted, the same with Wi-Fi. But just to eliminate the possibility that this is just a minor glitch on the Gallery app, try clearing the app’s cache and data. Don’t worry, the Gallery app doesn’t store your pictures so clearing the data won’t delete those photos. Of course, make sure you have a good internet connection when checking pictures you saved online.

#9. Galaxy Note 3 battery stats showing Wi-Fi activity

Problem: Hi! Many thanks for a great and useful thread. I have an unlocked Note 3 and ever since the first day it has (in the battery menu) a blue line indicating that the wi-fi is (and have been) active which it is not. How do I fix that. Although I have made two updates the problem remains. Besides that the Note works perfectly. Thanks again for all the tips. — Bobo (Sweden)

Solution: I can’t see how that becomes a problem when all you’re seeing is battery statistics. But if you really doesn’t want to see the Wi-Fi usage because as you said you’re not using Wi-Fi, then charge your phone to full first. After that, boot to recovery mode. Using the Volume keys, navigate to ‘Advanced’ option, under that you will see an option to wipe battery stats. That should do it.

#10. Upgrading Goophone N3+, replica Galaxy Note 3

Problem: Hi The Droid Guys, is it possible to help me or even devote an article to the additional complications (or so it seems to me) of purchasing and then upgrading Android ROMs on replica / cloned mobiles or tablets.

I bought recently a Goophone N3+ / NOTE 3, 5.7 inch HD Screen, MTK6592 Octa Core, 1.7GHz, Android 4.3, 2G, 16GB, Dual SIM (build details below). I was extremely happy with the phone until weeks after purchase I found out it only had Android 4.2.2 loaded and I expected and needed Android 4.3 to run a security app on my mobile.

Contacting the seller I was told upgrading is complicated and I can’t upgrade. No apology for false Android version details. Upgrading any android phone seems extremely complicated to me, even genuine branded ones, as I’m not too technically minded where android phones are concerned. I’ve scoured the internet but the offerings are in many cases poor or unbelievably complicated and scary. I’ve tried the “Google Services Framework” option but it was useless on my phone even after numerous attempts.

Can you perhaps offer me, or point me in the direction of, good / simple advice on how to upgrade my particular replica / cloned android mobile phone from 4.2.2 to 4.3 or greater? If I can provide any additional information to that above or the build spec below just let me know. Thank you. Best regards, Graham.

Solution: When it comes to clones or replica devices, I know very little but since the phone runs Android, there must some developers out there building custom ROMs for them. You see, even the seller can’t provide you enough information about the update. It means that the manufacturer didn’t really think of providing firmware updates for these phones. A quick search online and I found out there is still a way to update your phone. I will point you to that site but please proceed with the process at your own risk. [LINK]

#11. Galaxy Note 3 has delay dialing a number

Problem: Sir, I have a Galaxy note 3 for the past 6 months. Till date it has been working perfectly. Only yesterday I noticed that when I select a contact & make a call, the phone responds only after 40 to 45 seconds. Meaning the call starts to get dialed after 45 seconds usually when the call is made the call gets dialed immediately. I am a bit worried, I tried to go into the call settings but there is no option to change anything there, I also removed the battery & put it back after a few minutes(after cleaning) but nothing happens. Please note that incoming calls are normal & everything else is normal. Its just the delay in dialing the calls (45 seconds). Please help with some suggestions. Thanks, Sudu.

Solution: You may be thinking this is your phone’s fault but I’m thinking it’s more of a network problem. If the phone cannot detect good signal when you dial a number, it will first try to locate the signal before it can dial. But to confirm this, try going to your phone’s battery stats and see if there are some interruptions in Mobile network signal. If there is, your service provider can answer your questions better than I am.

However, if there are no interruptions in the service, then it could be a minor glitch on the Phone app. Go to Settings > General > Application Manager > Dialer > Clear Cache and Data.

#12. Galaxy Note 3 emoji issue

Problem: Hello, I have a galaxy note 3 from Rogers and a problem that I have been facing since day one is sending emojis via stock text messaging app. Entering emojis turns the SMS into MMS and this is a problem because a lot of my friends keep their data off therefore resulting in them not receiving my text until the next time they turn on their data. Most SMS replacement apps solve this issue (hangouts, etc.) But I just love the stock SMS app. Is there any fix? Thank you. — Emad

Solution: Well, what can I say? That’s just Android. You see, emojis didn’t come as native feature on the Galaxy Note 3; it was KitKat that enabled it on your phone. Now, when you attach even a byte-sized picture on your text message using the stock Messaging app, the SMS becomes MMS. I’m sure you’ll understand when I say there’s nothing we can do about it unless Samsung releases an update to make emojis seem like characters rather than small pictures. So, for now, make use of the app that could send emojis without converting your text messages as MMS messages.

#13. Galaxy Note 3 heats up when turned on

Problem: Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note III that is over a year now. From the very first day I had it, today there was a problem. First I thought it needed to be charged but then I realized my phone got heated and the first thing I did was to remove the battery away. Then for a while I recharged till it reached 100%. The I switched the power button on again, it came on just few secs with the samsung sign but did not fully on. It went off again…I then put the battery out again cause I noticed it’s heated up again. I couldn’t even turn it on cause it keeps on switching on and off. Can you please advise what is the problem and how can I fix it? Please note I it keeps rebooting every time I tried turning it on. — Ana

Solution: Based on your statement, there are two possibilities that I can see. Either the problem is with the battery itself or it’s with the USB charging port. It was the right decision to take the battery out immediately when you felt that the phone was heating up. When the battery is short-circuited, it may explode. And if the phone heats up, it could damage some of the small components inside. But then, you can’t test the device if there’s no battery.

The best course of action is to bring the phone to a technician and have it check. If you want, you can also invest in a spare battery kit and try turning the phone on with a new battery. Your call.

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