Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Quick Ways to Fix Them [Part 10]

I have already addressed more than a hundred Galaxy Note 3 problems and there are still thousands of emails left unanswered in our mailbox. So, expect to read posts like this because we will not stop providing support to our readers. Please take a little time browsing this post to see if your problems have already been addressed. You may also browse the first nine parts of this series:

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#1. SD card issues with Note 3

Problem: Found out last night after trying to move files from internal memory to SD card. Just pictures. Deleted a few then it started showing blank squares where the pics should have been and Bam! Got the dreaded corrupt SD card error! I tried to look up what might be the issue and found out its Google and their update! I lost every single video I had on my SD card since I was forced to format it. Luckily I was mostly backed up to Google+. Saved my pics but as I said, I lost my videos, one’s I’ll never get back. I don’t have wifi and I guess the files were too large to backup via data. I really wish Google would have mentioned this before I updated to 4.4.2 . The expandable memory is why I choose android devices.

Why can’t we move our pics from phone memory to SD card? I understand Google wants to make things more secure but what does that have to do with our photos? I know if I root my device I can install an app to do so again but I don’t want to root. Will there be a fix to this? If not, why are manufacturers still making devices with expandable external storage? What’s the point now? — Jen

Solution: Hi Jen, actually you can move your photos and other multimedia files from your phone’s internal memory to your external storage or microSD card. You can move them using the built in file manager in your phone or if the device is connected to a computer, you can simply drag and drop them to the new location. But to make things easier, you can set the SD card to become the default storage for your pictures. Follow these steps:

  1. While on the home screen, tap “Apps”
  2. Select “Camera”
  3. Press the “Settings” icon
  4. Swipe up and tap “Storage”
  5. Select “Memory card” as the default location

#2. Safestrap disabled error message

Problem: I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which I recently acquired through a craigslist trade. The phone works very well, however when I do a factory reset on the phone I get a message saying Safestrap Disabled. I have been told that the phone had been previously rooted. Is there a way to remove this safestrap disabled message from my phone.

Solution: First off, I am not familiar with this application but I know it is a custom recovery that allows you to switch between ROMs. With your phone showing the SafeStrap flash screen, it means it’s rooted and probably running on a custom ROM. According to a developer I’ve talked to regarding this concern, the ‘SafeStrap disabled’ message will pop up when you’re running the stock ROM. But it could also mean that the custom ROM installed on your phone isn’t running correctly.

There is an option to remove it when you run the installer again. But before you actually do that, I want you to read some valuable information about it. I don’t know the history of the phone or what ROM it’s running right now so I cannot provide more information on this. Please read this post. [SafeStrap Info]

#3. MicroSD card is bad

Problem: My Note 3 keeps telling me my SD card is bad. I can put in my laptop and it’s fine, I can see my music, pics, etc…so I formatted the SD card in the phone and reloaded the files.   It was fine for a while then the phone said the SD card was bad, so I formatted it in the computer this time, it worked for a while again and now it’s bad again? Thank you in advance for your help. — Kenny

Solution: If the phone says it’s bad, then it’s probably bad. When it comes to microSD card, we can only do so much. But try this: remove the microSD card, insert it to your laptop and format it to FAT32 format. Insert it back to you phone and observe if the phone would still it’s bad. If it does, please purchase a new microSD card. I understand it may not be the most feasible advice I could give but we cannot probably know if it’s a problem with the card or the phone. An error message isn’t enough to determine the phone is defective.

#4. Note 3 keeps rebooting after update

Problem: Hello sir, I updated my brand new Samsung note 3 to 4.4.2 and now the phone keep rebooting randomly. I’ve factory reset it several times, it still rebooting. Please can you help me out. Thank you!

Solution: I take your word for it. You said you did factory reset several times already and the phone still reboots randomly, so at this point, we may think it is a firmware issue. I was waiting for you to say the frequency of the reboots or if it only happens a few times a day. But I am also sensing a little bit of a battery problem here depending on the frequency. If the phone reboots like 5 times a day, it could be a battery issue.

However, if the phone reboots after you’ve installed some apps on your phone, then it could be just as minor as app problem. Try performing the factory reset again and don’t install any app for several hours and observe it closely to see if it still reboots.

#5. WiFi problems after update

Problem: Hello! When I updated my Note 3 to 4.4.2 KitKat I started having problems with my device. The WiFi always turns off. Before I can use applications even though WiFi has 1 bar, now I can’t! YouTube can’t even function well. I tried rebooting the system but still no changes. now I wish I never have updated it. Please help me how can I put 4.3 Jelly Bean back? Thank you and more power!

Solution: Just yesterday I helped out a friend roll back his Note 3 from 4.4 to 4.3 and I already did the process countless times but we ended up soft-bricking the phone. We couldn’t bring it to turn on so I called a friend to help me out. We were able to fix it but I learned a lesson, rolling back the firmware is still dangerous. So, I wouldn’t recommend it. Believe me, I really want to help you out but not to the point of compromising the safety of your phone.

Based on your message, your problem is pretty simple. So, I will help you out fixing them rather than helping you roll back to 4.3. Open your Wi-Fi settings and go to Advanced; set the Wi-Fi to connect to the network even if it goes idle. As to your YouTube problem, clear the cache and data of the app. If that doesn’t help, perform factory reset. Be warned you may lose your data when your do master reset so backup everything you don’t want to lose first.

#6. Home screen and battery drain problems

Problems: Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I have noticed in the last day or so that my home page has changed. What was my home page is now on my page 3. Weird. Also it is draining my battery faster. Even without using the phone during the day, it is draining by the time I go home it is going dead. I talked with others in my office that have a Samsung and they had the same issue. Please let me know if you have heard anything. I have not changed anything. — Pam

Solution: I’ve also encountered having different Home screen several times. I just can’t explain what caused it but I bet it’s the TouchWiz acting up. Well, Home screens are under TW so I can’t find anything else to blame. It happened to me several times but I didn’t actually do a thing to resolve it, it just disappeared. But every time it happened, I had to set my Home screen again.

  1. While in the Home screen, tap the Menu button.
  2. Choose Edit Page, now you can see them in smaller size.
  3. Tap on the Home icon to make a screen your Home screen.
  4. Done!

As to your battery problems, well, there are a lot of factors why the phone drains its battery faster. There are apps that eat up power more than others, you can disable them or clear their caches and data to rule out the possibility that corrupt data are actually causing them to act up like that. Try to open the battery usage screen and find apps or services that eat up more battery.

There is one thing that I’m sure could remedy or help out lowering down battery consumption of the phone–factory reset. But it’s always a hassle to backup all your important data before you actually do it. But it’s up to you if you commit yourself to such inconvenience.

#7. Messed up camera after update

Problem: I did not see this problem on your website, but have sometimes seen others complain of it elsewhere online, with no solution. Kitkat update “messed up” the camera. Don’t know how else to say it. What happens is that when you click to take a picture, it goes thru 4 series of focusing in and out (causing a LONG LONG delay), then finally takes the picture out of focus. Even in sports mode it takes a long long time with 4 adjustments like that. I have a new puppy and am trying to take pictures of some cute things, but of course by the time it actually takes the picture, the pup has moved. I contacted t-mobile and they had me clean cache and a few other things, to no avail. Any help available? Thanks so much for offering to help. — Barb

Suggestion: Barb, does this happen even when you’re in Safe Mode? If you haven’t tried this, please do. I do hope you’re not using any third-party camera app. But you’re right, I know a couple of Note 3 owners who also have this problem and it occurred after they updated their phone to the latest Android version. We tried every possible thing to no avail. I think the problem is firmware-related because we rolled back to the previous version and the camera was working fine. The thing about firmware-related problems is that they couldn’t be fixed until a new update is rolled out.

#8. Note 3 screen goes blank randomly

Problem: Hi droid guy, I keep reading your blog and that’s really great. Now I think I need ur help. I bought GN3 about 1 month ago and everything’s just perfect. Until a week ago when I was going to unlock my screen, suddenly my screen froze so I pressed the home button, and it seems like the screen was divided into 2 sides. My lock screen wallpaper and home screen wallpaper. I waited for a minute, turn off my phone and pull out the battery and restart it again.

I thought my phone was lagging because everything’s fine after that. But I keep wondering what had happened to my GN3. It’s just a month since I bought it. And last Saturday my phone suddenly died. I keep pressing the lock screen/on-off button and home button but nothing happen. So I have to pulled out the battery and restarted it again. And it works again.

But about 20 minutes ago, it happened again. The screen went blank but the blue light of the LED keep blinking. I pressed the lock screen button and home button, but just like before, nothing happen. And again, i pulled out the battery and restarted it. I’m wondering what’s currently happen with my GN3, since the battery isn’t low, its a new phone and I never dropped it or cause any damaged to my phone. Even it’s not happen in every time, but it keep bothering me. Could you please give me any solutions? Thank you! — Zahra

Solution: Zahra, as early as now and based on your message, I really cannot provide a solution considering I don’t know what the problem really is. But if I were, I would monitor the phone closely, recall apps that were running when the problem happened. It’s a new phone and I understand how bothersome it is when everything is not working the way they should be. But please, take time to monitor it and if you can tell what the problem is, bring it back to the store and have it replaced. At least, you could have it replaced as early as now.

#9. Yahoo Weather picture won’t rotate

Problem: Hi, I purchased my note 3 over a month ago (verizon) and my yahoo weather has been working fine until recently it decided to quit rotating. Images from yahoo weather will not rotate to landscape even with the rotate turned on. All my photos on my phone rotate without a single problem. Please help. Thank you. — Linda

Solution: Well, it only means one thing, Linda. It is an app-specific problem and one way to address it is to clear its cache and data. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling the app and reinstall a fresh copy from the Play Store.

#10. Can’t connect to Google Play Store

Problem: My app store on my Note 3 has refused to connect. It shows and I have checked that it has been updated yet it can’t connect. I just bought this phone 3 days ago. Every other application is working except the app store. Please reply.

Solution: You’re not the only one having this problem on their new phone. Try uninstalling updates by going to Application Manager and look for Play Store. You can find the Uninstall Updates button from there. I’m almost certain you could connect after that. But I assume you have checked your internet connection regardless whether you are connected to a mobile data network or Wi-Fi access point.

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