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Samsung could launch an Oculus Rift style head mounted device

Oculus Rift

A new rumor is suggesting that Samsung could venture into the wearable segment with a potential Oculus Rift like device believed to be in the making. This virtual reality based headset will reportedly be used with Samsung devices, much like its Gear smartwatches. It is said that this device will break cover later this year, although since it’s only a rumor, we will treat it with skepticism.

It is said that the device makes use of an OLED display and will be marketed as a companion accessory to the Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The report makes it clear that this device is separate from the rumored Google Glass competitor that the Korean manufacturer is believed to be launching. Pricing is reportedly going to be key with this device as Samsung is looking to beat Sony’s rumored head mounted display as well as the Oculus Rift which is owned by Facebook.

Bear in mind, this project could be ditched before it comes to fruition as we’re only going by early reports at the moment. But given Samsung’s urge to launch unique products in the market, we won’t be surprised to see this one donning the markets later this year.

What do you think of a device like this from Samsung?

Source: Engadget

Via: Android Police

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