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Samsung to bring its bio metric sensors to low end smartphones?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Heart Rate Sensor

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is known for its powerful display and the wide range of software features that it comes with. But one of the highlights of the smartphone which the company heavily endorsed is the fingerprint scanner on the front and more importantly the heart rate monitor below the camera sensor. One of Samsung’s senior VP Rhee In-jong has now mentioned in a forum that these sensors could be added with its midrange offerings as well.

We haven’t seen Samsung utilize these sensors in other devices apart from the Galaxy S5 as of yet, but that could change soon. These features could certainly appeal to the midrange audience given that a large number of Samsung’s mobile revenues come from midrange devices.

It is yet to be seen whether Samsung will adopt this feature in tablets, which could make more sense as well considering that the company’s tablet sales are on the rise as well. It is being said that the company is looking to add other sensors such as an iris scanner, which has long been rumored, although it seems like we might have to wait a bit for this one.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Via: Sammy Hub

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