Sales of the HTC One M8 might have surpassed 500,000

HTC One M8

With HTC launching several of its core apps in the Play Store, it has made things easier for us to understand how well its latest flagship is selling. This is particularly useful since these apps are only available on one device (HTC One M8) and hence they’re easier to track. And from what’s being observed on the Play Store in terms of downloads of these core HTC apps, the company could have sold north of 500,000 smartphones up until now. That’s half a million devices within just over a month of its launch.

HTC has previously mentioned that the One M8 has performed exceptionally better on launch day compared to its predecessor, so the signs were available quite early. Sure, the M8 isn’t selling as much as the Samsung Galaxy S5 which is expected to have shipped close to 11 million units and sold at least half of them over the course of its mid-April launch.

But for HTC, an improvement over last year will be very welcoming news considering the dismal showing from the past two years. The company will hope the One M8 does more damage in regions of Asia which has traditionally been very favorable towards HTC products.

Via: Android Central