Press render of the HTC One M8 Prime shows redesigned camera enclosure

HTC One M8 Prime

There has been plenty of talk on how HTC would set the One M8 Prime apart from its sibling. And we might have an answer to that with a press image of the device leaking out from Evleaks. We can see the Duo-Camera to be well present here, but there also seems to be a protruded layer outside the camera sensor. This is a little surprising considering that HTC hasn’t had a mobile camera like that for quite some time now.

The reasoning behind this is yet to be ascertained as we don’t have more info at this point, but it seems like HTC is using a slightly upgraded sensor underneath, which explains why it’s slightly raised from the surface as well. The company did this with the One X which was launched in 2012.

HTC One M8 Prime -1

Evleaks has managed to reveal the front of the smartphone as well, where it is shown that the device won’t be any different from the One M8, although the speaker grille appears to be slightly reshaped, perhaps for better audio output. We’re a bit sketchy on this press render, so take it with a pinch of salt until we have more confirmation on its authenticity.

Source: Evleaks