Possible codename of the Nexus 8 revealed

Nexus 8

Google usually has an internal codename for its devices. The Nexus 7 was known as ‘flo’ while the Nexus 10 was called ‘manta’ in internal codes. And now a new codename has surfaced, possibly indicating the imminent arrival of the Nexus 8 tablet. The codename ‘flounder’ is the newest addition to the list and is clearly a variation of ‘flo’ which was its predecessor.

The device with this codename is reportedly running an SDK branch of Android, which says that the device is indeed under testing at the moment. Of course, this can’t be taken as confirmation of the tablet’s arrival but merely as a hint of what’s to come.

The Nexus 8 has leaked out on a few occasions in the past, so its mention is not a surprise to us. It would seem logical from Google to make the switch to a larger 8 inch tablet given that the 7 inch tablets have been around for a couple of years now. The annual Nexus lineup refresh takes place in late August or July, so we still have some time to go before we see the tablet in action.

Source: Google

Via: BGR