Popular puzzle game Monument Valley makes its way to Android

Monument Valley

British developers Ustwo have launched the popular Monument Valley game on Google Play today. The game was an exclusive to iOS when it broke cover a month ago, so this is a very welcome addition. It basically revolves around a princess who has to get to the end of the puzzle, which sounds pretty straight forward and conventional, but the gameplay and the difficulty along the way keeps you hooked for prolonged intervals.

The game is priced at $3.99, but reviews for the iOS version have suggested that it’s well worth it given the rich and addictive gameplay. The music has received praise too, so this is clearly one of the best games to make its way to Android this week. The game is better suited for tablets as users get a lot more screen real estate in landscape mode.

If there has been one criticism about the game, it’s the fact that there aren’t enough levels to play. There are a total of 10 that comes with the game, but it is hoped that more will be added along the way. If you don’t mind spending $4 on a game, make sure you hit the Play Store link below to download the game. But before you do, make sure you watch the trailer video to get a brief idea of the game.

Source: Play Store