Paranoid Android 4.3 Beta 4 Is Now Available For Download

Paranoid Android is one of the few custom ROMs available today that actually make a smartphone perform better. Some of its notable features include peek and hover notifications just to name a few. Today the Paranoid Android 4.3 Beta 4 has been released bringing it closer to a stable version. Several improvements and bug fixes have been included in this version.

The bulk of the changes have been done on the hover feature which improves on the previous version. These includes swipe to dismiss, improved in call handling, fixed and improved the blacklist, fixed notification transparency, and various other fixes. For those who haven’t tried out hover yet it works by replacing the notification bar with a short-lived visual overlay.

The other key features of this latest build include

  • Low battery notification options (see warning icon next to battery icon under battery status)
  • Changed circle battery icon due to requests from members of the community
  • Fixed the low target ‘ring’ for incoming phone calls
  • Fixes for some floating mode bugs
  • Fixes for pie
  • Several overall bugfixes and updates

Aside from announcing this new beta 4 build the PA team also thanked the community for the support that it has made. “To demonstrate the power of an active community, let’s talk about numbers and statistics! Did you know that over 70% of the bugs you have posted are already solved? Or that in the just 24 hours we received 9 complete language translations? Or that we have had more than 50M visits to our Google plus page?”

The PA team also announced its intention to seek help in translating the ROM to other languages from the community. Translating a ROM is no easy task so any help that the team can get goes a long way.

If you are interested to help in the translation of the ROM then check out the instructions below.

  • Go to CrowdIn
  • Sign up via Google+, Facebook or Sign up page
  • Go to
  • On top right click “Join Translation Project”
  • Choose a language you want to contribute to
  • Choose a string location ( SystemUI, Settings, or PA OTA) you want to translate
  • Click “Translate” and you will be presented with this screen
  • On your left are the english version of the strings, also noted in “Text for Translation” section
  • Under “Text for Translation” section you will see a input section with “Enter Translation here” text, this is where you enter your selected language translation. When you are done translating that string, click “Commit Translation” button and it will go to the next string
  • Crowdin auto logs your submissions when you click “Commit Translation” so if you feel a need to leave or finished with it just close window or tap the large “AOSPA” text on far top left.

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