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OnePlus Explains Its Invite System Further

Are you planning to get the upcoming OnePlus One? Unlike other Android smartphones that are sold through regular channels this device has a unique distribution system. Potential buyers must first get an invite before they can get their hands on the device. There’s been a lot of confusion lately regarding this invite system and OnePlus has updated its forum post regarding this issue to clear up matters.

First let’s discuss why the invite system is being implemented. Have you noticed that whenever a popular smartphone model comes out there’s usually long lines in stores and most of the time customers may not be able to get the device since it’s already sold out. OnePlus aims to solve this through its invite system. This way, customers are assured that they can really get the device.

The company also said that “Another reason to the invite system is because we’re still learning. Launching a product worldwide is ambitious for a 5 month old startup. We are sure that there will be hiccups along the way and that the purchasing experience will not be perfect from the very start. With invites, we can control and ramp up availability, giving a chance for our logistics and customer service teams to catch up if anything unexpected happens.”

Now let’s proceed to the issue of how to get an invite. A person can get an invite from a OnePlus One owner. Where did these owners get their invites in the first place? Winners of the “Smash The Past” contest got invites as well as several selected members of the company’s official forum. The first batch of invites to be distributed to the public will be this May for the 64 GB Sandstone Black version of the device. Not all owners of a OnePlus One device will automatically be able to give out invites though as the company said that it depends on their operations situation.

For those concerned that people may take advantage of the invite system by creating a second market where invites will be sold at high prices the company said that this won’t be happening. “The Invite System was designed to counter this from the start, with us having full control over distribution and expiry times. The re-sale of invites will not be a major issue.” One a person receives an invite it expires in 24 hours then gets returned to the sender. This means that people who get invites have to purchase the device within the allotted time period before they will miss their chance to get it. Once the invite returns back to the sender it can then be sent out to another person.

So there you have it, a further explanation of how the invite system works. Hopefully this clears out most of the questions that people have.

The OnePlus One will be priced at $300 for the 16GB version and $349 for the 64GB version.

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