Nova Launcher 3.0 Beta 1 Released

One of the easiest ways to customize an Android smartphone is by installing a custom launcher on it. This allows a user to tweak several aspects of the interface such as the icons, menu and screen transitions, and shortcuts among others. One of the popular launcher choices available at the Google Play store is Nova Launcher and it has now been updated to version 3.0 beta 1.

The new version of the launcher brings a lot of features and enhancements that will definitely make your device look fresh.

Here’s a list of some of the key features of Nova Launcher 3.0 Beta 1

  • Subgrid positioning
  • Snap widgets/icons to half cells
  • Greater control of placement/size without shrinking/cropping app icons.
  • Custom label colors
  • Individual drawer tab colors
  • New tab style Colorblock
  • Vertical drawer scrolls under transparent navbar
  • Backup/Restore using KitKat’s Document Provider
  • Full 4×1 widget support in dock
  • Individually toggle widget padding (long-press on widget and select Padding
  • Nova Action for First Item In Folder (Use with swipe/tap action of folders
  • Honeycomb style persistent search bar available on phones
  • Slight visual refresh

Nova Launcher first came into the scene in November 2011 and since then has evolved into what it is today. Over the course of several releases some features that weren’t really that popular were taken out while new features were also included.

One of the key features of this latest update is subgrid positioning. According to the developer of this launcher “Subgrid Positioning allows a lot of possibilities. We all want lots of control over our desktop, but using big grids to carefully layout widgets makes icons awkward, and grid less launchers are often unwieldy. Subgrid allows much greater control without the negatives. Along with the toggle for widget padding, there are a lot of new possibilities to layout widgets.”

The latest version of this app is now available for download over at Google Play however it may take a few more hours before it appears on the Play Store accounts of some users.

If you are looking for an easy way to tweak the appearance of your smartphone then the Novo Launcher is one easy way to do it.

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