Nexus 5 Pwn Phone Can Probe Corporate Networks For Vulnerabilities

What happens when you load up a Nexus 5 with up to 103 network monitoring and attack tools, 26 of which can be launched immediately from the touch screen? You get a Pwn Phone, which is often referred to as the most evil Android phone ever made. This device is designed to help IT professionals probe weaknesses of a corporate network by launching an attack on it.

Pwnie Express, the company that created device, uses the LG Nexus 5 for the hardware and a custom version of Android 4.4 KitKat as its software. This is actually a second generation device as the company released the first Pwn Phone version last 2012 which used the Nokia N900 hardware and a Maemo 5 Linux operating system.

Kevin Reilly of Pwnie Express said that “What we’ve done is taken Android 4.4 Kit Kat and recompiled the kernel. On the backend, it runs our own derivative of Kali Linux, called Pwnix. Essentially it’s running a full-blown Debian OS on the back-end of Android.“

The advantage of running a recompiled kernel is that the device can act as a USB host just like PCs. The Pwn Phone can thus use external USB devices such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Bluetooth dongles. The external Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dongles can extend the range of the device while the Ethernet adaptor allows the device to connect directly to a wired network.

The Nexus 5 Pwn Phone can easily replace bulkier network security tools in a single device that can easily fit into a pocket. Network administrators can easily and quickly check on their network for any signs of vulnerabilities.

One network security tool pre-loaded in the device is EvilAP. This tool basically works by creating a malicious Wi-Fi access point. According to Ars Technica it “can detect and respond to the Wi-Fi probe requests sent by devices as they look for previously used wireless access points. EvilAP can use the phone’s wireless broadband connection or another network to then pass through network requests while the phone’s user launches other attacks on the traffic.”

The other pre-loaded tools include Nmap (network mapper), Strings Watch (matches texts within packets), Tshark (packet analysis tools), Tcpdump (packet analysis tools), Metasploit (penetration toolkit), dSploit (penetration toolkit), Kismet (wireless network monitoring tool), and Airodump Kismet (wireless network monitoring tool) among others.

This device can be operated remotely and includes a restore to factory settings function which can wipe out the collected data form its 32GB storage.

Interested in getting this device?  It’s going to cost you around $1,295 when released in the market.

via arstechnica

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