New update to Facebook brings offline posting feature

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Users of Facebook would be aware that image or text posts require a working internet connection to go through. But a new update to the Android version of the app removes the need for your internet to be on for a status update. Well, it basically saves a draft of your post and push it to Facebook when you have your internet connection back.

This will mean you won’t have to wait for a stable internet connection to write down your thoughts on Facebook and can practically do it anytime, although it will only go through once your device has access to internet.

The update also comes with its usual suite of bug fixes, but no other major changes apart from what has been mentioned above. The update should be rolling out already, but if it hasn’t, head over to the link below and download it manually from the Play Store to get access to the latest version of the popular social network.

Some users of Facebook have been reporting intermittent crashes whilst using the app, so it is hoped that those issues have been resolved with this update as well.

Source: Play Store

Via: Android Central

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